Catch Up Review #10 – Ladies Code, BESTie, Tiny G

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For this particular review, I feel like I should skip the introduction and avoid saying something funny for this particular review. What happened a few months back was indeed tragic and is upsetting to know that there is (and most likely will always be and have always been) this side of KPOP. Though, yes, this review is quite delayed, waking up to the news of an idol who passed away was not enjoyable. I have previously expressed my condolences and hope wherever Rise and Eun.B are at this very moment, that they are doing well and are well loved, as expressed by the banding together of the KPOP community regardless of fanwars and any other differences.

Kiss Kiss – Ladies Code

The song is pretty catchy. It also has that retro sound that sounds really, really cool. In a sense, it seems like the band is going after the Pretty Pretty sound that they basically now known for. The music video also has the same feel to it, as Pretty Pretty does. However, it was not as bright as the Pretty Pretty music video. Those were my exact first expressions. The dance was pretty good. Though, the giant lips scared the crap out of me every time I watch the dance or music video. 7/10

Hot Baby – BESTie

This song is pretty catchy as well, and has a summer feel to it. Particularly the chorus, which the song builds up to. Beside that, there really is not much to say. The music video is just shots of them camping and having fun in the Summer time. The dance was so so and not that memorable. 5/10

I Need You – BESTie (No music video :()

This song has to be one of the best Summer songs of the year. The song sounds cute and is pretty catchy. It honestly took me time to get into the song and now I listen to this song quite a bit. There is no music video (which is a total disappointment cause this song deserve some sort of music video). The dance was pretty boring and could have been better, though the ending fitted the tone for the end of the song. 5/10

Ice Baby – Tiny G

This song is also quite catchy. Actually, all the songs are really catchy on this list. I only just noticed. However, I really was disappointed with this song. I expected something a little more. Their last few comebacks have been fun and enjoyable. Not to mention their last comeback was a sexy concept. This really does not suit them at all. The music video was really boring and really white. The girls look out of placed in their pyjamas. The dance was really weird, with the fluffing of the pillow. Honestly, another song and comeback of a completely different style could have made the band more well known. 0/10

This is the second last catch-up review. Well, second last from how I am looking at it. Tomorrow is another girl group themed of the more “nugu” or rookie groups that many people don’t seem to know about. See you then!!!


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