Mama – Nicole

For those who don’t know, Nicole is a former member of the band Kara. She, up until early this year, was the rapper and vocalist of the famous and widely popular band Kara. After her contract ended, she signed a brand new one with B2M entertainment, which houses Spica, Eric Nam, Lee Hyori and SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong. Now she has made her official solo debut with Mama.

The song has this jazzy feel to it, which gives it an unique sound compared to other songs released recently. I happen to not dig this song entirely. I was quite disappointed with the song when I first heard it. Though it sounds different, it lacked the appeal it needed to me to like the song. To me it seems that Nicole support is coming from current and former fans of Kara. After looking at the comments on YouTube to see what some people think of the song, 80% of the comments were regarding ‘being Kamilias (Kara’s fan group name) or the “Yay, Nicole is back” comments, while 20% of the comments were “great song” or “I love this song so much” (the latter comment borderlines the 80% comments). I am disappointed there is no rapping in here. Nicole, to me is a really good singer, but she is also an exceptional rapper. Her voice compliments the style of the song, just there really is not much going on within the song and her voice that makes me go “wow” for this song.

The music video was a good video to watch, just I don’t see myself going back to the video again and again. It too lacked the appeal that makes comebacks memorable. I have to be honest though. This video was beautifully shot. And everything in the scenes (separately) come together quite well, despite the random nature, such as her sneezing on the toilet or letting all the gum balls fall out of the gum ball machine. The lyrics of the song talk about the “rebellious” side of love. “My mum told me … to be careful around men … oh my gosh, I’m already in love.” and She’s watching TV longer than usual today. The bright light isn’t turning off. Did she figure it out? There’s no way” kind of hints at this”. Like those scenes mentioned above being the “rebellious” side, they all string together quite well.

As for the dancing, I am not disappointed. Her dancing in this comeback is pretty good. Some moves remind me of certain other moves when she danced in Kara, but here also they let her flourish a little more rather than be restricted to the one style on stage when she was on Kara.

I personally think it was great that she branched out and become a solo artist. Whether her song made it well for her, is another story and one I probably am going to say is not really that great over all. 6/10

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