After successful promotions of Mr. Chu back in April, APINK has finally made their return with the perfect Autumn song, Luv.

This was a very catchy and addictive song that I have been listening to on the loop at this very moment. The song is like a ballad you would usually expect in the Autumn times, however there is also a dance element to the sound of the song which pretty much sets is aside from other songs. The chorus was by far the most catchiest part of the song for me. The vocals were also really strong. I was weirded out by the dance break that the instrumental/song had. It really did not fit in at first and slowly grew on me. The song flowed really well together overall. The song is something that you should check out.

Damn, this has to be the most boring video ever. Essentially, it seems like the director took the girls, put them into various scenes and told them to act sad. That is basically the whole video in a nutshell. Even on stage, the girls are really sad and also pretty bored from the looks of it. I know the song has these sad and emotional lyrics, just was it necessary to have the whole video full of sadness. The whole video had this glowing effect on it, which really did not annoy me, but caught my attention. The whole video was basically glowing gold. But come to the think of it, the whole video was basically monochrome. Overall, a boring video to watch.

The dance is was really catchy and easy to follow. I love the dance, especially the chorus. Will it be a trend or not, I don’t know, but it was a pretty cool dance. Just another thing on the side. The clothing they are wearing for some stages really have to go. I think you know which ones. They look really bad and quite uncomfortable to dance around in.

Overall, this comeback was moderate. I loved the song and dance, but they should have done something more for the music video. The girls are definitely getting popular and this is just evident through their wins in the past week. 7.1/10

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