Deja Vu – Sonamoo

The last debut of 2014. But one of the first bands to promote their songs in the new year. Sonamoo is a 7 girl group from TS Entertainment, which houses big names such as Secret and Untouchable (and until recently, B.A.P). The group consist of Sumin, Minjae, D.ana, Nahyun, Euijin, High D and Sun. The group has been long anticipated, with their debut concept giving them the name: “female B.A.P”.

Some people say this song does not reach their expectations. But to me, it hits all the high notes. It is a powerful song. It has a feminine side to it, however it is still equally as powerful as past debuts that made us go wow. I personally really liked this song. It had that hip hop vibe that does not overtake the whole song. I have to be honest though. The vocals were rather weak in this song. The second rapper (the one with the black bob cut) in the song really does not suit this style. Instead her voice kind of conflicts with the enforcing sound the song has. There were good things in the song. It has been a very long time since I heard of a dance break in the song. And the rapping before each chorus sounds so freaking amazing. Those were my most favourite parts of the song.  Overall, a pretty solid song for debut.

The music video was okay. I liked the big sets and how it really does not seem as generic and boring as some other sets. Like that one set that appears in all music videos. Though, there really is no plot. I guess the literal plot is where the girls goes around dark rooms to find light. I am sure that they are finding something a little more than light, maybe love? But beside that, the msuic video was okay to watch. Though some kind of plot with a character of the opposite sex could have made the music video a little better. You know, to illustrate that “love” that is behind the title of the song and its lyrics.

The dance was pretty good. There is one complaint. I probably sound really stupid for this. But what is with the “cute” looks the stylist are trying to go after? One of them has pony tails which to me, personally, does not make some look tough and powerful. Combined with the smiling that I have been seeing on the stage, and I am really confused about what is going on actually. However dance was amazing and really strong.

A strong and powerful debut. It makes my “heart pound pound “. Excuse me for that lame reference to the song. I am sure you guys could have made a more smarter and better reference to the lyrics. 7.1/10


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