Coming Soon – N.CA

N.CA is back with a new song titled appropriately as Coming Soon. Her past singles have always shown to everyone how cute and lively she is. This song does the exact same, however also uses the same bubble gum sound that she is known for.

This song is pretty catchy. The chorus is pretty catchy as well. Her voice really fits these types of songs. They are fun to listen to and at the same time does a very good job at showcasing her talents. The song is a first for N.CA however due to the rapping that she does. It is the first time for her to be rapping, however to me, it sounds more like her talking into a microphone with heavy autotune. The lyrics are pretty nice as well. For those who want to know what the song is about, it is mainly about her ready to confess to her love. At first, I thought the company and N.CA would introduce a different title to the song, however it is still pretty nice.

The music video is okay. She is pretty cute. And that is all I have to say about the music video. It also seems that the company is investing a little more into the artist as well.

The dance is mega cute. The “penguin” dance is really cute and addictive. Though, it won’t be a dance that fits the club scene, the dance fits the song and the concept as well. However, that ice cream microphone can definitely go.

Overall, a really nice comeback. If only she was a little more well known, this song would have received a little more attention. 7.4/10


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