Break Ya – LU:KUS

LU:KUS is back with a brand new song. However I am under the impression that I have not reviewed them before. So let the awkward introduction begin! LU:KUS is a five member boy band in South Korea. They made their debut in 2014 (though there are dates since 2013 online) with their track So Into You. I have been paying attention to the group since their debut in July. They are under Pan Entertainment and are now back on the stage with Break Ya.

This song is really addictive. And it has been my jam for the past few days. It is a really nice song that sounds something you would hear in a party. It is catchy with the “I wanna break ya!” part that they start off with. The vocals are okay but I am not going to complain. The rapping is pretty good in this song. The chorus is basically what hooks me on to this song. It is something modern and something that people want to hear. I am going to point something out though. This song reminds me of KPOP prior to 2010. Back in the day when the English was scattered around the song to make it look good, but no sense. ‘Rocking on the door” and other examples from the song feel so awkward, yet when we think about it, big bands nowdays used to have this style of English in their songs. Overall, a really addictive song that sounds amazing.

There is no music video. I thought that there was one, but when I go back to find it, its not there anymore.

There is a dance to this song however. And it looks really cool. Just I am not professional enough to dance to it. It looks simple but it is probably too hard for me. My favourite move is the “I wanna break ya” part where they walk forward and bring their arms to above their heads and make a round ciricle shape. My description is amazing. But it is like the first few moves that you actually see for the chorus. Amazing dance.

No music video. But the song and dance makes it up. 9.25/10.

By the way, for those who are wondering how I rank my reviews: I firstly give the song, music video and dance a score out of 10. I, then, make it into one score, by placing emphasis on the song score and less emphasis on the music video and dance.

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