Apologize – Eddy Kim

Eddy Kim is a solo artist who debuted in Korea last year. He made his debut with the songs 2 Years Apart and Darling. For those who don’t know, he was a contestant on the season 4 of Superstar K (the biggest audition show in South Korea). Other artists that came from the same show includes Seo In Guk, Busker Busker, Huh Gak, Roy Kim and John Park. He is now back with a brand new mini album, titled as Sing Sing Sing. Apologize is a pre-release on the mini album.

I freaking love this song. It is so catchy and pretty addictive. It is a nice song when you listen to it, though the lyrics are just the opposite. Not saying that they are bad, just the man of the relationship is cutting their relationship off due to the girl not paying attention to him. Okay, that was confusing. In other words, the song sounds really nice. The English in this song sounds so freaking good. Definitely the highlight of the song. He places the guitar throughout the whole song and makes the song into a powerful song as the song proceeds. Them ad-libs at the end were really good.  Eddy Kim has a very unique voice that I don’t think there is another match in the South Korean industry. Though, I personally don’t like his debut song. I think Darling and this song in particular, highlights the vocals of the singer quite well.

The music video is pretty cool. It reminded me of James Bond kind of style, but that is just me. Hahaha… But I really like the use of contrast between the black and white. Also, like how the music video highlights particular words, like Apologize. Though, he looks kind of scary in the music video. Hahaha… But overall, it is a nice video to watch.

Yes, this song by far, has to be one of the best songs of 2015 so far. Hopefully, more songs can be like this and/or of a higher standard. 10/10


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