Cry Again – Davichi

The ballad duo queens are back with a brand new song. It has been sometime since the girls have promoted on stage. They did release some singles last year, however it went unnoticed due to the lack of promotion. They include Pillow, Again and Don’t Move. Now they have officially parted ways with MBK Entertainment (Formerly CCM) and have signed with MMO Entertainment . This is their first release (mini album) with the company, titled as Hug. The title track is Cry Again.

Every time I listen to a Davichi song, I feel the need to be blown away. After all they are quite successful in the ballad industry in South Korea. That being said, I really did not feel any appeal from the 2014 singles. This is really not a great song as their 2013 songs such as Turtle and The Letter, but this song really picks up the lack of great songs from Davichi. I have to say when they reach the chorus of the song, it really brings the song to another whole new level. I found the start and the verses to be quite “quiet” and really silent. However when the chorus came, it gave life to the song and added a sweet touch to it. I really love how they sing together at the end. Their harmony and vocals just takes your breath away.

From the start of the music video, we see a couple break up. Add creepy Haeri in the background, who follows the couple around and witnesses their breakup. Every time the dude hurts Minkyung’s feelings, Haeri always comes up and comforts her. Not sure about her character, but I think she is some sort of guardian angel or a really close friend. Towards the end, we see the couple kiss, but as the dude no longer loves Minkyung, the kiss has no emotions, and hence a message to Minkyung that their love is over. Once again, we see Haeri come up and comfort her. It was a quite beautifully shot music video. I have to admit that. That dude is clearly a douche and he was quite harsh throughout the music video.  The video suited the feel of the song and I think any viewer also could feel the emotion in the music video.

Overall, it was a nice song and music video compared to their less successful year last year. 8/10

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