Hormone War – BTS

Another song from last year. BTS is a rising boy group in South Korea as we all know very well. Hormone War was a song off their first album. It was promoted as a follow up song, after promoting Danger. It was released on the 20th of August. However, they did not start follow up promotions with this song until October. Once again, I could not give up an opportunity to not review this song. I tried hard to, but BTS’s promotions for this song fell straight into my hiatus period last year. Better late than never, I guess.

I am going to be honest. I did not like this song at first. It was the very song that I avoided. But once they started to promote it on the live shows, it grew on me. The song is pretty good. It is hella catchy (as I have learnt). Yes, their English can be worked on a little. “I’ll be your panic, I’ll be your fan. And I’ll be a man of  you you you you babe“. Yeah, I won’t take classes on how to pick girls up, especially, how they are basically singing about hormones (and puberty).  Anyway, as I said the song was pretty catchy. The rock instrumental was amazing and add that extra man power to the song. Though some members I am not a fan of, however overall the vocals and rapping were at a really good level. Best part of the song would have to be the bridge. Overall, a great song that grew on me.

I like the fun concept but the music video looked rather cheap. I guess that since it is a follow-up there really was not that much put into it. This music video could have been so much better with colour. Like loads of colour. It is a fun concept, and the grey-scale just made it seemed dull and boring. The member’s expression were quite out there and at some parts seemed quite “suggestive”. I think the girl was meant to be some mysterious character. Mainly because we don’t see her face that clearly. But beside that, I don’t have much to say about the video.

As for the dance it was pretty cool. Kind of toned down from their past dances, but still have that Bangtan feel to it. It matched the cool instrumental and also the nature of the song.

Overall, an amazing follow up promotion. BTS has been proven to be quite popular last year. Let’s hope that they can do things this year that will skyrocket their popularity even further. 8/10

Happy Valetine’s Day. I will be alone in my room (per usual).


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