Don’t Say Goodbye – Davichi

Davichi released Don’t Say Goodbye back in August 2011. Since then and actually before then, they were already quite popular and have been really popular. However, this song in particularly, I would consider as their most successful song to date. This song basically took their name and blew it up. They also stayed on the charts for quite some time. In terms of reality, this by far is not their actual successful single to date (8282 probably was), however the publicity for this song in 2011 was huge. I remember everyone talking it about on-line and complimented the girls on such an amazing song. Like every other song, I have been putting reviewing this song off for some time.  But that is going to change TODAY!

Has any song released by Davichi ever disappointed us? I don’t think so. Both girls sing so wonderfully and so strongly that it is really hard to pick at the way they sound. And if they sound wonderful and professional, that kind of sets the rest of the song in stone for us. Their voices just do something to our ears that make it sound so wonderful. As for the song itself, it has a rather upbeat feel to it. The orchestral feel gave it that ballad feel to it but with the drum beats and electronic sounds, it made the song sound more upbeat Despite it has a sad meaning, the song has a more of a summer feel to it. Well, considering it was released in Summer, it complimented the tastes that the audience wants. That high note towards the end just blows you away. As for their harmony at the end, I have to say Davichi is one of the best in the industry.

The music video. What is there to talk about? A freaking lot of things need to be discussed. This space/star obsessed guy notices a garbage bag outside of his house. When he opens it, he finds a girl. A freaking girl who is alive. Wait, before that, he lightly kicks the bag. Ummm… It looks like a garbage bag and 99% of the time garbage is in there (the other 1% is a living human in case you’re wondering). Anyway, he takes her in and allows her to get clean and get fed (because she looks hungry). He then proceeds to start a relationship with her. Okay, so where is the part where you phone the police? Or a friend? Cause you just found a girl in a garbage bag. Yeah… Anyway, the girl finds a photo album of another girl (who we can assume the guy used to like but she disappeared). The guy gets a phone call telling him that his disappeared girlfriend can be traded back for the girl he found at the start of the video. A dilemma is caused for the guy and he makes the heartbreaking decision to give the girl up for his former girlfriend. Such a sad storyline. Yeah, the guy can be seen as an asshole and I guess if this did happen in real life, he has to live with the regret of giving the main girl to some creepy dude who would be doing who knows what. But I just love the acting in this video, particularly the ending.

Wow, this review is pretty long. But that is what you get with a music video that has a good plot. Overall, an amazing song and music video. 10/10

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