Black Swan – Rainbow

Rainbow is finally back after a whole year and bit disappearance. Last early, they did debut their second subunit group, Rainbow Blaxx, with Cha Cha. After that, the rest of the year was focused mainly on individual promotions. Now after a whole freaking year and a bit, they have returned as a full group to the stage. And move along cutesy concept, the sexy concept is officially in for the girls. Days of Tell Me Tell Me and Sunshine are over. Welcome Black Swan. Well, it was quite obvious. I don’t think anyone was going to expect to see another cute concept from the girls after Cha Cha.

When I first heard this song, I was generally confused. The song was lacking and it really disappointed me. After listening to it multiple times after, I basically fell in love with the song and currently obsessing  over it. Watch me hassle that replay button. This song just felt empty but like most songs I don’t like at first, I grew to love it. Overall, the vocals and rapping was pretty good. The vocals had that mysterious feel to it, but at the same time, they sounded really sexual and husky at some parts. I love the instrumental a lot. It is a sound that you find a lot of younger people listening to from the clubs and dance parties. The song structure was also quite different to other songs. If you did not notice, the second verse was quite short but it was featured at the end of the song, instead of after the 1st or 2nd chorus. It is a really interesting structure which got me into the song.

For a group titled as Rainbow, the lack of colour in this video is quite strong. Sorry I had to. But I absolutely love that idea. It gets me into the music video and song. The black and white filter made the video look pretty good. The background for a proportion of the video reminded me of that massive diamond structure in SNSD’s The Boys. I really liked the background of the music video. It made the set look quite large rather than literal corners in the box sets we usually see. How messy was that paint seen with the paint dripping down the wall. I just love it how there is a white wall with black paint, but turn around to the other universe, it is white paint on the black wall. That also reminds me. It seems like the girls are playing total opposites. After the girls look “innocently” through the eye hole of the door, they turn into completely different people. Hence the black and white come into play, because they are opposite and completely different.

The dance is pretty cool as well. It is a slow dance until the song starts to get a little more upbeat and the dance matches that transition very well. I just love the start of the dance. It looks really cool and very different from other dances. There is a lot of butt action as well.

This comeback did actually live up to the expected hype that got me into a frenzy, even though it did not seem to be that way at the start. 10/10

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