Growing – K.Will

K.Will is back and it has been some time since we last heard of him. Like seriously, when was the last time we heard his name? I haven’t heard of him since last year when he promoted One Fine Day early last year. Yeah, I don’t think he had much going on in the past year or so since this last comeback. His been here and there, but I really cannot remember anything big about the soloist. So that is it for this introduction.

This song is said to be a song that gets K.Will back in touch with his roots. And I don’t feel this song. Yeah, I basically listened to the song once and I never went back. It wasn’t boring, nor was it terrible. K.Will puts out great songs all the time, just this one seems a little too unappealing. To me, it was a very black and white song. Nothing that got my attention. Like I said, K.Will always has amazing vocals in his songs, just this song overall is not really up to par like per usual. The chorus lifts the song up a little bit with the range of notes that he hits. He does pretty well, per usual and always maintains that high standard when he sings. I just can’t think of anything regrading the song. It is a typical K.Will song, just it really isn’t the best in my opinion.

The music video is a little confusing when I last watched it. We see the main dude being sad and depressed despite having his lover next to him. Now I don’t know it was like him in a flashback or he regrets his decision, but we do know that they later break up. It doesn’t seem like a flashback, so I assumed he was acting sad for a reason, which lead to his break up. I am still hoping for a day where K.Will actually plays the lead in one of his music videos. We need to give some recognition for K.Will (you never know, he may be a pretty good actor). His voice is perfect and his songs are perfection, but sometimes I think he needs to be promoted a little more. And since many want him in a music video, imagine the response to that!

I apologise for the shorter than usual review. I wrote this review over the span of like 5 days. So some of my opinions won’t be matching or could be repetitive. Like I said, not feeling this comeback this time around. 4/10

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