Conduct Zero – Bastarz (Block B)

Another form of BBB. Not Dal Shabet, but Block B’s first and newest subunit. Yes, Block B has formed their first subunit consisting of P.O, U-kwon and B-Bomb. The subunit is known as Bastarz. Block B has been gaining fame in the past year. They changed their style and went for a more casual comeback last time with H.E.R, hitting all the female fans in their hearts and earning the boys a place on their bias list. Zico has been quite involved in the past year with a lot of solo work (including this solo releases such as Tough Cookie). The band also made their Japanese debut with the Japanese version of Very Good at the start of the year.

Not a big fan of the hip hop genre. There are good songs from the genre that I personally like, but I am more into the more laid back kind of songs, not a big fan of intense songs most of the times. But while the song was definitely had it hip hop influences, I also noticed a lot of more modern and electronic sounds. I did not like the start of it. The blaring of the sirens and that banging sound got to me, in a bad way.  Another thing was the chorus. That was not enjoyable. I did like the vocals and I thought P.O’s rough rapping vocals were bad (but not sure if him handling the chorus was the best choice in my opinion). I don’t see what Bastarz is mainly for. Block B has been experimenting with various sounds for their past few releases, with ballads, pop songs, hip hop and rock songs on their list. This is more of a “side” thing in my opinion. They don’t seem to go into anything new. BUT for once they focused on the vocalists of the band. I am glad that this is happening.

You guys probably want to kill me now, but I did not enjoy the music video. Like I can sit through it and not cringe (bonus points for that), but it really is not a music video that I personally want to go back to. The music video is rated 19+ which I don’t understand. They only problem I can see with the music video was the girls wearing their underwear (or bikini, but I think it is underwear). But hey, they still got the other areas well covered, there really is nothing wrong with that. There was a lot of focus on the upper chest areas during the music video (which I am not going to complain about). Just putting it out there, but they have nice bodies. But I don’t want a hot girl chopping up meat like that. Firstly, she has no idea what she was doing (from the looks of it) and I have no idea what was going on? From a party dance floor, to an abandoned warehouse, to a butcher’s freezer? Yeah, I was confused. I did not like the shakiness of the camera (even though it matched the song quite well).

The dance was so so. Not going to say much here, but it really is nothing that I thought was outstanding or worth commenting on. I just thought that this dance was slapped together a little too quickly.

Overall, it was an okay comeback. Not really making me reach to press the replay button. Sorry this review went up so slow. I have been very busy (and exams are coming up soon). 5/10


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