[DOUBLE REVIEW] Awoo + Love Game – Lim Kim

This time around, I think a  double review is in order. So basically, when artists come out with two songs (as it is a growing trend) of various title tracks, it is pretty hard to review every song that they promote. Yes, Big Bang, I am looking at you and I am not going to do this for your newest songs, but if next month, two songs come out… Look out. And I usually review one song and completely miss out on the other song, which is usually disappointing, so why not join the two songs together and make a joint review. Easier for me and more efficient for you. Well, this is the case for  Lim Kim, when she made her comeback with Awoo and Love Game. Two awesome songs, just it would be a pity if I missed out on one of them. We haven’t heard much from her since her last promotions last year but also I think she has been floating around in the OST industry.

Both songs compliment her voice very well and showed a new retro/modern sound to the audience. I love her vocals in Awoo. The instrumental blew me away.  Everything about this song was amazing. I loved the chorus, how basically she sings a couple of words and leave it to the backing vocals (which I think is mainly her) to fill in the rest. The bridge of the song was amazing as well. It changed up the song a little bit, but still maintaining her vocal style. Love Game is more of a popish song, but it still maintains that modern sound to it. I also feel hints of retro in it as well. The same thing applies to this song. Love how the verse are choppy and it still makes the song pretty good. The chorus has a completely different (but equally favourable) sound with her vocals. The vocals in the chorus seem to drag out a little longer than compared to the chorus. I think both songs were to a perfect standard and it really makes it hard to choose a better song.

As for the music video, Awoo was more of a pale video. It reminded me of Orange Caramel’s videos. Probably the same director as it is his style, but at the same time still entertaining. I love how she is a cat (or acts like one in some scenes) and I think the cinematography did an amazing job in capturing the action. I thought the music video was done to a very high standard. I love hoe she forces the dude to communicate with her as he needs “his final piece of the puzzle” if you know what I mean. The hand motions were pretty original, but it reminded me a little too much of Perfume’s Spending All My Time. Actually, the whole music video actually had the “Spending All My Time” feel to it.

As for Love Game, the music video had a bit going on. I agree with Lim Kim. If you are very obvious at trying to hit on someone who is obviously tired of your antics, throwing a dart into your eye is a suitable punishment. I am only joking. Her “revenge” techniques are a little too extreme for me. Though I like it how there is a more of a humorous side to the music video. Also, the music video was much more bolder and colourful. I liked it. Glad the dude at the end got the message though. It probably saved him a limb or an eye. I guess the one thing I did not like about the video was that it really did not feel like it was its own thing. It just felt like a typical KPOP video to me.

There is no dance for Awoo. Well, beside the finger business. But there is a dance for Love Game and I thought it looked pretty good. Not falling into the “sexy concept” entirely, but it seemed to be a way for her to “tease” guys, like in her music video.

Hopefully, I was clear when I was talking about songs. I know a few artists are planning for multiple title tracks comebacks (Once again, Big Bang), so hopefully this a way for me to tackle their reviews. If you have any suggestions (or if you liked or disliked) this style of reviews, comment below.

Awoo – 10/10

Love Game – 8/10

3 thoughts on “[DOUBLE REVIEW] Awoo + Love Game – Lim Kim

  1. I’m really happy that you reviewed this songs! I just loved all the mini álbum. And i like this way of reviewed 2 songs in 1 (but you had already did it with sugar free, holler and other song, so this isn’t “new” for me).


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