Ma First – Jang Hyunseung (Beast)

It has been so long. Apologies guys, I had this massive group project that I had to complete and we only started this week. Hahaha… Life of a university student. Any how, I have a few days that I should be cramming for exams (which I have yet to start) but I think I can make some time for you guys. Catch up time for the reviews. I was thinking of doing a few double reviews (Big Bang is still under my watch) but also a few “Catch Up Reviews” like from last year. Some of which are themed like “Solo artists” or “Boy groups”. Oh wait, this is about Beast. Jang Hyunseung is the third member to have a solo music career, the first being Yoseob and second was Junhyung. Beside that, Dongwoon is set to make his own solo debut in Japan and Doojoon has been a popular actor. Kikwang is a well known variety star. Hyunseung is also one half of the ever so popular duo Trouble Maker. Hyunseung said he wanted to show a new side of him to the fans without the Beast and Trouble Maker name following his.

It is an okay song. I liked the instrumental and it has a pretty cool beat to it. I just have not been impress with Hyunseung’s vocals on a whole for most of my time that I have followed Beast. His voclas are good, but it just lacks feelings and emotions for most of the time, which puts me off his vocals. For some reason, I have the idea of the song having a “dirty” beat to it. I don’t think that is what it is called though, but the chorus left that kind of impression for me. Beside that, I did not like find anything else to say about the song. I feel like he is trying a little too hard with the song. It does suit him, but with the extra high notes and all that jazz, it really makes the song feel quite distant from what I am used to from the singer. Of course I expected a dance song, but not a dance song with powerful vocals and high notes that I would expect from a ballad or a softer song. I know it is very vague and I just have a hard time explaining it. Sorry…

As for the music video, this is my first time watching it. I know, I am very delayed but uni got the better of me. Firstly, I like the set. It does look fake but it did a good job of replicating an underground club and an alley way. Second of all, that girl was all teasing Hyunseung. And yet he tried so hard (though he did get to her in the end). I expected a little more clubbing scene and none of that Hyunseung being a pervert scene. The song had that club feel to it, and that was touched on for a while in the video. I just expected majority of the video in a club set. Beside that, it was an okay video. Very American influenced but it did the job quite well.

As for the dance, all I can give is praises. This comeback seems to be more dance centred for me and I enjoy it for that aspect. Jang Hyunseung lives up to his name as the dancer of Beast after all. Though some bits I was very impressed with, others kind of looking like he was having uncontrollable spasms.

Overall, it was an okay comeback. Not that great overall to be honest, but it managed to do its job, I guess. 5/10



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