Rewind: May 2015

Hi guys. Now, I have been doing these rewinds for 4 months now and they have been focused a lot on the news rather than the songs that were released in the month. So this month, I am going to go through my favourite songs. 20 of them. Just for you. Why 20? Well, 10 songs seem too short for me. And I often find one or two songs that isn’t mainstream KPOP that I really enjoy. It might be an OST of a drama or just a random song that needs some recognition.

The first video of the playlist corresponds to the 1st song on my list of favourite songs for May. Yeah, it is long overdue. BUT I insist you skip the first few videos, because there are some hidden gems towards the end. Some of these songs I wanted to push up higher, but since I really did not listen to them as much, I couldn’t compared to like the first song.

  • Kim Sung Gyu has 4 songs on this list. Mainly because every song on his mini album was amazing. I actually wanted to add his intro track, but that would have been excessive. By far on the best albums.
  • Other artists that I honestly have never heard of until I listened to them was: Chaebol & Associates, Bear Planet, Welldone Potato (the names are getting to me).
  • Debut tracks were also on there. More than I expected. Watch the playlist above. Only a few more days until the June comes out, so be prepared.

In May, I put in some polls for you to see which song or music video was better:

  • I asked you, which Big Bang song you guys preferred. Loser came in first with 71.43% and Bae Bae came in second (last, in other words) 28.57%
  • I asked you which BTS music video you guys preferred and 100% of the votes went to the 19+ version. Well, I was expecting that, since the editing for the 15+ version did not make any sense.
  • Finally, I asked you which song Kim Sung Gyu released was your favourite. Both Kontrol and The Answer were tied. Well, given the standard of the songs, I am not surprised.



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