Rewind: June 2015

Let’s see the top songs for June, the month just went by. All the rankings below are of my personal preference. Hopefully, this can introduce you to new artists or remind you of the past month. A lot happened in the last 30 days. To check out the May Rewind post, click here. Note that BTS’s Dope is not included here as it was released in April 2015.

1. Um Ah Oh Yeah – Mamamoo

2. Shake It – Sistar

3. Love Me Right – EXO

4. We Like 2 Party – Big Bang

5. And Goodbye – Lee Seung Gi

6. Heart Attack – AOA

7. We Own The World – Justin Oh ft. Amber & Luna (F(x))

8. My House – 2PM

9. Ah-Ah – Teen Top

10. Bang Bang Bang – Big Bang

11.  Lies – Seo In Young ft. Kanto

12. Stay With Me – Kim Feel

13. Fake Illness – Rare Potato ft. Hani (EXID)

14. What U – SPEED

15. Playback – Playback

16. Gap – Ken (VIXX) ft. Hani (EXID)

17. #LoveMe – Melody Day

18. Baby Boy – High4

19. Reason – December

20. Month Of June – McKay

During June, I posted some polls with the reviews.

  • I asked which BoA song you all preferred out of Kiss My Lips and Who Are You. Unanimously, you all chose Kiss My Lips as the better song.
  • I also asked you which Big Bang song you guys preferred. Though it seems mean that I am posting the results now, I think I should leave the poll open until the July rewind post for fairness. After all I did post the poll in the last few days of June. 66% of people preferred We Like 2 Party and 33% liked Big Bang. But don’t you worry, vote below and the OFFICAL results will be posted in the next rewind


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