Just Right – GOT7

Wow, the songs this Summer are pretty good. GOT7 is finally back after over a half year disappearance from the industry. Yes, they are not forgotten and return with their first comeback of 2015. Why has it been so long since we last saw them? Well, they have been having a lot of activities overseas, with a Japan comeback. On top of that, JB and Junior (formerly known as Jr. – he changed his stage name recently) have been acting again. Beside that, I don’t follow the members so I don’t really know. On with the review.

When I first heard the teaser for this song, I thought it was going to be a really boring comeback with nothing to exceed the standards which their other songs have created. In other words, I thought this track was going to suck. HOWEVER, I will kindly take my words back and confirm that I now officially think this is a fan-freaking-tatstic song to listen to. Actually, their whole mini album this time around was amazing. I am not into these types of songs such as Just Right which, to me, has that really annoying sound in it that detaches itself from the song. But the song was made for that sound and I thought the song flowed quite well. the song was very upbeat and bright. The instrumental was really good as well. While A was more of a pop-ish song, this song reminded me of A. But maybe more of the concept. The vocals and the rapping (even though to me they sound like they are talking in a more posh voice) were really good. I felt the song was too short and wanted more from it. Amazing song.

The music video reflects what the lyrics of the song are. The guys sing about how the girl of their dreams is ‘Just Right” and that she does not need to try hard to be beautiful. Ahhh… Meaningful lyrics. Now, this was a very bright video and I thought it was pretty good. But it looked dull in some areas. Great ummm… use of green screen. Honestly, it doesn’t look bad and obvious as other videos. I just find it creepy that as soon as she noticed her draws moving, she opened them. Ain’t she scared of something popping out, like a rat or cockroach? I would. Ummm… Running out of things to say about this video. It was pretty cool and I liked it a lot.

The dance can only be described in one way. Awkward. But good awkward. Their facial expressions make me laugh, but it is the whole point of the dance. I really like the laid back feel of the dance and how it fits quite well with the song.

Obviously, this song is not “just right”. It is awesome to my ears and this comeback is awesome to my eyes. 9.5/10


5 thoughts on “Just Right – GOT7

  1. Haha I loved this song and dance. But I found it a little mix messaged. They sing that she’s perfect and just right, and that she doesn’t need to change anything. So why does she change and remove her glasses to make herself look different after that? Also when one of the singers licks the cream off his hand, it was kind of creepy coming from a music video based for 9 year old girls.

    But the awkward dancing was awesome.


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