Vanilla Shake – N.CA

Sorry about the ongoing delay with reviews. Yes, I am back at university and boy it is taking a toll on me. I am feeling tired as the days go by since I have to wake up early for the few days I go per week. And I am trialling a new study method where I get on top of things. It has worked, but I have been so busy with assignments and homework, so there is so much to do. But I will be churning out reviews this weekend. I am literally going to dedicate tomorrow night or Saturday night to just write reviews and get them out there because I am so delayed. That is my lengthy apology. N.CA is back with a new song. Her last comeback was in March with Cinderella Time.

Yeah, I’ve decided to review some lesser known acts this time around, mainly because I feel like it. But also the fact that these artists are often thrown aside due to the ongoing competition between certain artists in the industry. I find many of these songs  quite nice and fail to get the recognition they deserve. This is one of them. I think this song can easily be turned into a sexual song, but let’s not. This song has that olden style hit track song (or how they described as “vintage”). And I like it a lot. It is quite addictive and the instrumental is not overpowering. But her vocals seem weak in this song, which is disappointing, because she has quite strong vocals. I also enjoy how she kept the cuteness that she is known for into the song with this song.

Here is where the comeback does fall a part for me. For a while I thought she was going to comeback with a more mature comeback (watch her teaser), but that was misleading. When I saw the start of the music video, I thought, “Okay, she is going for the cute comeback, fine.” Until I realized what she was wearing and at the same time her dance moves. Now, I don’t hate what she is wearing and don’t have anything against it. It just felt to mismatched with her vocals and song. Clearly the video was oversexualising her. Was it necessary to put her in tight clothing and lay around on the floor? But I have to be honest she has a nice body. And no, I am not a pedo. Wikipedia claims she is an adult and actually is older than me. So it is all good. Hehehe… And NS Yoon G featured in this colourful and bright music video. And somehow, some people missed that so much. But her cameo, what was the point of it????

Here is what stole the show for me. Cute song, bright video, suggestive dance? Yeah, dirty minded me, But honestly, the dance was asking to be associated with it. Yeah, that was essentially what ruined this comeback for me. What happened to her cute moves?

This review seems rushed. But I like the song. Music video was okay. Dance was a total no no. I think I got my message across. And maybe N.CA got her message across as well. 5.5/10

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