I’m Ill – Hello Venus

Another artist in need of some recognition. Yeah, out of all the bands and groups out there at the moment, Hello Venus has to be one of the few to drastically change their image around. But they are back with a club themed song for us to listen to. They previously made their long awaited comeback with the sexy concept late last year and came back with another sexy concept, Wiggle Wiggle, at the start of the year. Now, they are “ill”? Ummm… Say what?

Yeah, the title of the song really got me. It is not your typical title of a song. To be honest, I would not play a song titled as “I’m Ill” anywhere, mainly because that would give off the wrong message. And that is the last thing I want to do. But beside that, the song is pretty cool. I enjoyed the club feel that it had going for it. I don’t know why, but I automatically feel old when I need to review these club and electro style songs. I feel like my words are quite disconnected with the actual song. But I thought the chorus was catchy and the drop was pretty addictive. Honestly been dancing in my chair to this song. The “dance break” is what I am going to dub the part straight after the 2nd time the chorus is sung. Honestly, that sound. But honestly, I would play this song when I want some blood pumping through my veins. Great party song.

The music video was exactly what I expected from Hello Venus.  Dude in club gets attracted to the girls and starts falling for them. But damn, was he a playboy or what? He went from one girl to the next in like seconds. But yeah, it was a pretty boring video. There was not anything to hook me onto watching it more and more. While the flashing lights suited the song, I felt that they could have been taken away. And the girls should have danced at a club or party scene to fit the overall concept they are going for. I have to be honest, the girls look really hot in this video. While I do like the contrast between innocent Hello Venus and party Hello Venus, I don’t think this is the right video to have both of them in it. I think the party scenes and them club scenes were enough to suffice for the video.

The dance was meh. No twerking. Much disappointed. But beside that, the dance composed of a few finger pointing movements, body waves and steps. Literal steps. Not the most exciting dance out there at the moment.

The song was amazing, but the music video and dance could have been loads better. 6/10

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