Me Gustas Tu – GFriend

Probably the hottest rookie of the year and no, they are not doing the sexy concept. GFriend literally won hearts of fanboys and fangirls across Korea and also internationally. Their debut, Glass Bead, was an instant hit when they debuted earlier in the year and this is their first comeback since debut. Drawing similairites from one of the biggest and popular groups in Korea at this moment did cause them some trouble, but honestly, they are going to be big as everyone have been saying. Me Gustas Tu rose to the top of the charts after release, showing Korea and the world the potential this group can be.

When I first heard the song, I honestly thought it was going to be chucked aside. Some many big groups are making their comeback and I thought GFriend had no chance. But after a few listens and a lot of reassuring looks from the charts, I was certain that this song would become something that would trend. GFriend, I think, solidified their position in the industry with this song. Yes, they have a long way to go, but they have overtaken so many groups and it has only been a few months since they debut. I love their instrumentals. For this song, they went with a nice piano intro and went straight into a cute yet rocking rock (?) sound. When I hear the song, I can’t help but pause what I am doing and sing along to it. Or sing it in my head. This song bring smiles to my face. It’s so damn good. Their vocals are solid. I have no complaints with their vocal work. I love how they work together during the chorus. It hooks me on so well. And that high note at the end. Wow.

The music video was very summery. It is just mainly shots of them enjoying the perks of Summer and dance shots. And it fits the song and the season. Those hills remind me of the Microsoft XP default background. But honestly, where can I find fields with such green grass and beautiful blue skies? I need that in my life. It takes my breath away. Some of the solo shots have that awkward feel to them though. I can tell some members had an awkward time with a camera up close to their face. Reminds me of a joke that Amy Poehler once said. Hehehe… Wrong context. Totally wrong context. 10 points to whoever gets what I am taking about.

Here is what I love about GFriend. They are a cute girl group that basically has the cute concept in the bag. But their dances are just a totally different story. Usually girl groups with the cute concept goes for more simple dances that matches their cuteness. But GFriend is no joke. They have hella hard choreography. Dances that put many boy groups to shame. This dance was so freaking cool. Not one to talk a lot about the dances in my review, but you will be blown away with their in-sync moves and powerful kicks.

GFriend is slowly becoming a group to watch out for. They will, one day in the future, probably be a group that others must compete against. And it seems Korea (and international fans) will not stop loving these girls. 9.5/10

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