Sweet Girl – B1A4

Another group has returned for the Summer. B1A4 last promoted in South Korea last year in the Summer with Solo Day. Since then, they released songs in Japan and Sandeul (in particular) has been prominent in the variety field. Sandeul has recently garnered a lot of popularity over his voice (why has this only just started?). Both Jinyoung and Baro have been acting. CNU has doved into the world of musicals and Gongchan is currently an MC for a South Korean/International-embracing show (I don’t know what the show is called). They are also due to be performing in this own concert after promotions for Sweet Girl ends.

This comeback is very chilled in my opinion. I really like the laid back feel that this song delivers to you. It is powerful in its own way, but it doesn’t necessarily hits you. I think this is quite a nice song that channels that retro sound that KPOP has been going for in a few releases. It reminds me of songs that were so long ago, I don’t even remember the artists or the actual song titles. But I am 100% that there is a song that gives off the same feel. Their vocals compliment the subtle instrumental. As I said, the song isn’t powerful in a sense that it makes me go “Woah”, but more like a relaxing sigh. The rapping fitted in very well. The insturmental itself is everything I could ask for. The orchestra sounds and a pretty nice band sound as well. I honestly should have said that all the elements that make up the song come together very well and compliment each other. Nice song.

As for the music video, I don’t necessary hate it. I just feel like the video feels disconnected from the many parts. Like each member gets their own scenario and all, but the scenarios don’t really join well with each other. Baro’s is all in the dark realm and mysterious and Sanduel is eating fairy floss? There is a direct mismatch. I honestly thought the video could have gone for a more classy feel, like the live jazz singers in a bar type of concept.  And don’t get me started on the acting. I know Baro can act. But that small part of hesitation when he opens the door to the blinding light, I was like “Noooo… WHY????”. It made me cringe on badly.

The dance for the song is pretty good. It does look a little awkward. They went for a more sexy concept while still maintaining their style, which I like a lot. It just the “feeling the legs” and all don’t really fit in well with what I had associated them to. I think I am not that used to this style for them.  On top of that, their expressions, they are just on the line of sadness and boredom to me.

Overall, it was a nice comeback. Song was amazing. Dance was too. Music video wasn’t so much. 7/10.

There is one song that I am going to put down here. But 10 Years (from this mini album) was probably my favourite song from this whole comeback. Check it out here!!!

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