Shadow – The Legend

So this my first time reviewing The Legend, but apparently they have been around for some time. So I checked out a few of their songs and I now know why they weren’t that well known (or least popped up on my radar). Though you should check out their other song, Left Out (their debut song), because that is pretty good. But anyway, I will be introducing this band as if they are brand new though, because most likely, many of you have not heard of them. They are a 5 member boy band. The members include: Listen, Roi, Lee Jangsun, Lito and Ryu Jaehyuk. I don’t know the nationalities of the members, but I read that some of them come from China, Japan and of course South Korea. They debuted back in July 2014.

It is a pretty nice song. It is catchy and has this foreign influence that I hear during the chorus. It doesn’t feel like a KPOP song because of that, and that is what made the song stand out for me. Their vocal work in this song is pretty good, but it isn’t amazing. Well, they didn’t seem that great at the start, but they started getting better towards the end, especially that main vocalist. His voice just got more stronger and powerful. The rapping is pretty good, but that whole rap sequence was just a total miss. Like I said, it was not bad. It just did not fit the song. It felt disconnected from the rest of the song. Those “Lose your head now”. Now that is freaking addictive and I have that ringing through my mind. Overall, it is a nice song to listen to.

Hmm… Yeah, I can’t say much. While the song did not feel like a KPOP song, the music video surely had that KPOP feel to it. But I guess that is what you get when you start out at a smaller company. They just use the same sets over and over again. This music video did not have anything that spectacular. Though I think that whole “dancing in the rain” scene was something that got everyone’s attention in the first place. It got mine. I am quite sure that if the group made their debut and continued with a much more well known company, their music video can be so much better. And for that one dude just lying about with his shirt open. You  got so much attention from the girls in the comments. But you look hella awkward with her lying around and you trying to look cool at the same time.

Their dancing on the rain though. It is on point. They looked really cool doing their thing in the rain. Their dancing looked pretty in sync and quite powerful as well.

Overall, for a group that just popped up on many fans radar, they did pretty well. Their song and dance is quite nice. Music video could have been a little better but I guess it does the job. Hopefully they come back with a better song and show the world what they are really made up of. 7/10



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