A group I never reviewed before. But I can tell you, I liked one of their previous songs quite a bit. I just never got around to reviewing that song because it received like no attention. So, 2EYEs made their debut with Don’t Mess With Me Back in June 2013. They went on to comeback with Shooting Stars (my favourite song from them) towards the end of 2013. And that was it. We did not hear anything from them until this year, this month. Originally a five member group, 2EYEs made their first comeback in nearly 2 years with Pippi. Currently the line up for the band includes: Hyangsuk, Daeun, Dasom and Hyerin.

Pippi is a great track. No wait. It is amazing. There is no other song like this in KPOP at the moment. It is a one of a kind type of song. It is one of those cutesy songs, but damn. This is hella catchy. “Pi Pi Piya Pi Pi Piya”. So addictive and it plays inside your mind. While the rest of the song doesn’t continue with that addictiveness , the “Pi Pi Piya” really hooks people on. Though listening to this song, you can hear how well vocally prepared the girls are and their vocal work is pretty solid. As for the rapper, her husky and deep rapping voice probably caught me off guard. I have listen to the band before, but I had forgotten them. This track is a such a great way to re-introduce the girls back into the industry and it seems to be doing a great job. It is also quite fun and light hearted, so I suggest you listen to it.

As for the music video, it could have been better but it does its job still. Essentially they were not that good looking with their childish outfits and look. The guy gave them no attention. But when the guy saw another “mature” lady who dressed more modern, he gave all his attention. So the girls come back with more modern and mature looks and they won him over. Just they don’t want him anymore. My only complaint is that you dressed up as little girls. He probably assumed you were below the legal age. Otherwise it would have very weird. Their clothing is apparently based upon Pippi Longstocking. I don’t know who that is, but apparently it used to be popular. It was not my era. So I don’t know much. I really like their alley way set, but not their pink circle room.

Their dance was okay. The hook of the song had a better dance than the rest of the song. They look really cute at the “Pi Pi Piya” parts, while holding onto their 180 degree ponytails (I don’t know hair, what is the hair style called?). I guess there was some sort of western/country influence to the dance. While I listen to the song on its own, there really is not much of a country influence. But when I watch the music video and performances, I get that western/country appeal more.

It has been ages since I have heard from the girls and this song does a pretty good job at bringing them back. I guess all they need is a much better song that is more catchy and addictive. Throw in a great music video and dance and I guess they can be successful? Don’t know if that is the formula anymore. 8/10


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