Congratulations – DAY6

JYP is definitely on a roll this year when it comes to getting his artists back on the stage (or in this case on the stage). DAY6 is JYP’s newest boy band, waiting to grace the hearts of fan girls and boys. But I don’t think they will be doing that any time soon (more about  hat later). DAY6 is a 6 member boy band, which includes: Sungjin, Jae, Junhyuk, Young K Wonpil, Dowoon. I know some of the members appeared on WIN (YG survival show for boy groups) in the past. I also know Young K from YouTube videos back when he was doing them. Any Third Degree fans out there? Anyway, they made their debut but we won’t be seeing them on stage that much. JYP Entertainment said that the boys will be start from the bottom to prove their talent etc. But that sounds a lot like ” we won’t be promoting them at all”. Due to the competition nowadays, you need to get them onto the stage. Look at the artists and songs that are released but never forgotten. Unless you have made yourself a safe spot in the industry, you are not going to get far. But who knows, maybe these guys have what it takes to shake the industry.

This song is a pretty solid song for their debut. Everything about this song is just on point. There is a lot of things that stand out about this song. They are vocally prepared. To me, I guess they can rival big name bands in the western media at the moment. This song is much more lovey dovey compared to the likes of Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5, but I see DAY6 suiting that type of style. The rapping is pretty good and suited this song quite a bit. The beat and rhythm of the song eases you into it, and it flows from left to right perfectly. The instrumental is actually sounds quite nice and seems to match the impacting feels of the lyrics. The song mainly speaks about how the guy sees his current (or actually past) relationship. Honestly, the lyrics were quite something when I first read them. Did not expect them at all, but hey, all the parts of the song come quite nicely together.

The music video tells the story that the lyrics are telling us. Essentially, the dude on the train recognises  the girl who sits opposite as his ex. And she came on with her current boyfriend. He gets all these flash back images in  his mind of their time together. He then sees reality where he is alone and she is enjoying her time with her current boyfriend. While he doesn’t want to leave cause he has feelings for her still, seeing how she is, he had to. And hence Congratulations mean that he is wishing her the best for the future, while he moves on. Hoenstly, that members acting is pretty cool. Performing on the train was quite nice as well, since most of the video was shot there. Music video was pretty well made for their debut. It was like watching a mini movie. Kind of. One that went for 3 minutes. Not that much of a movie.

Honestly, this band has so much potential (and yet their company decided to not actively promote them). Check out their whole mini album because their tracks are pretty neat. Freely and Congratulations were my favourite. As for this song and music video: 9/10

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