My Type – iKON

iKON, by far, is probably the most hyped group to debut in 2015. Fans have been waiting for a very long time for the group to make their debut. They have gone through 2 different survival shows to get to the current lineup. Win was the first show, but Team B (which is iKON now) failed to beat Team A (otherwise known as WINNER). They went to to compete in Mix & Match last year to get to the hype that they have today. The current members are: Bobby, B.I, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, Ju-ne and Chanwoo. This is also their pre-release song. They made their official debut just today (1st of October) with a “Debut Half Album” and a “Debut Full Album” in November. Reviews for those songs and videos will be out later in the month (no promises).

This is a pretty ordinary song. There really was nothing that stood out to me, to get me back. I am disappointed since I know this band can put out good songs. It was pretty dull and not that catchy. It does get me swaying a long to the song though everytime I hear it, which is kind of weird. The style of the song seems a little too innocent for the group though. It is nice for them to explore different styles and genres, but the rapping was a little too forceful and powerful in this song. I feel like they can really do powerful song and stronger songs knowing their rapping and vocals. Another thing I want to talk about, why are the rappers the main point of song. Only Bobby and B.I got a good chunk of the song with the chorus and their individual raps. What the song showed me was that the other members can sing, so why are the rappers singing the chorus? Not saying they were awful but they could have been replaced with much smoothier vocals by the other members.

As for the music video, it was pretty dull as well. It looks pretty boring and the filter or whatever they put over the video made it so boring to watching. This song called for colour and everything in this video was anything but colour. It did seem to have scenes of the members down to earth, but it seems a little too over the top in some bits. Actually their acting should use some improvements. As for the quality of the music video… Maybe more of the music video budget was allocated to their debut songs.  I have absolutely nothing more to say beside it was boring.

To save myself from fans, I am going to say this: their debut songs are much better than this song. That hopefully can save my life. Hahaha.. Only joking. Not the best song to start off with, but it is just their pre-release. They have probably so many other songs up their sleeves. 4/10

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