If You Were Me – Roh Ji Hoon

It has been a while but finally we have heard something regarding this solo singer that is under Cube Entertainment. Roh Ji Hoon made his debut at the end of 2012 with Punishment, a dance member. However he has been kept hidden away with only a single album promotion since his debut til now. But now he is back with a brand new song and mini album. This time around, it is another ballad that he is singing, similar to this ballad that he came back last year with.

It is quite an upbeat type of ballad. Well, I think this song is a ballad. It is a pretty nice way to end the summer feels. While it does have that upbeat feel, it also is a great way to introduce the season of Autumn (the season of very sad songs). His husky voice compliments this style really well and this is a pretty nice song. In terms of my expectation, I was hoping for a more popish or dance centered song like his debut and I wanted him to avoid going down the path of his other ballad since that did bore me. This did the job quite well even though it was not what I had expected. The chorus had a nice ring to it and the emotions were carried from the start to the end really well. No dramatic pauses that disrupts the flow of the song (and there for the feelings that the song intends to give us). Great song.

The music video was quite good. I feel like I have watching too many k-dramas and really sad breakup songs, cause I may have been expected someone to leave the other person during the video. But it is a nice video. It matched really well with the happiness of the song. Though the circumstances were a little weird. Hahaha… I know some blind people recognize people by feeling their faces. But that dude was a stranger and he said nothing to her, yet she went in straight away. Hahaha.. But the plot of the music video was nice and I was very satisfied watching the music video. A video I would go back to right away? No. But it popped it in my recommendations from time to time, I would not mind watching it.

Sadly no more wedgies from this male artist. But it was a nice comeback overall. 9/10 

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