If You Do – GOT7

Just after 2 months, GOT7 is showing a brand new side to them. Move along happy, bright and cute concept that they had a few months ago. Here comes the masculine and charismatic concept. Just Right was released in July and the boys have been busy since completing the promotions for that song. They released a brand new Japanese single Laugh Laugh Laugh. Jackson also started MCing for SBS Inkigayo as well. Not really that much going on, come to the think of it.

This has to be their best song by far. I don’t care what I said in the past. Out of their songs that they have released so far, this is the song that will hopefully do wonders for them.  It is a much darker song and has more of an angry feel to it. You can feel the suppressed anger in the song lyrics and the overall tone of their song. I personally love the song so much. I feel like the rappers finally have a song where they do truly shine. While they are not the best rappers in the industry, they do a hell of a good job in this song. I absolutely love the first line of the whole song. Essentially when it is translated into English, the line basically says: “If you do it, it is good. If I do it, it is over”. The word “Over” is in Korean, yet it sounded like “good”. Also the slowing down of the song for the “Everyday, Every night, I feel like a fool, you gotta know” part does wonders to the song. It actually makes this song flow quite well and leads into the chorus quite well. The guitar synths and the drum beats in the instrumental are spot on. Amazing job.

BamBam went bam bam on that car. I tried to resist. Any GOT7 fans out there who despise of that joke, I am sorry. The anger in this video is just through the roof. Jackson with the punching bag, Junior with the ball and the destruction of the paintings, Youngjae with the spray paint, Bam Bam with the nice couch in the middle of some place and the destruction of the car, JB with the violent rampage at night, Yugeom with his angry need for attention for a girl. And there is Mark. Who mysteriously does not rage, but stares into the camera. While his charisma was through the roof, I don’t think he was that angry. But hey, we also need that one person to stay calm in our groups. I think the sets is amazing and that one shot inside the camera, when Bam Bam takes his first hit was pretty good. Bam Bam needs to take that collar thing off and stay away from leopard prints. They don’t really match the song or video. But this video just oozes masculinity regardless of how much you watch it.

The dance is amazing. They are pretty in sync and I am really satisfied with the whole routine. The teaser made it look really exaggerated and dramatic, but the whole music video turned out quite  well. The really like Junior’s ‘Every Day, Every Night” part of the routine, where two members join for each two words was pretty good. Also the jumps at the start of the chorus are pretty nice. And yes, I am just going to leave a gif of Sassy Mark down here.


Overall, probably on the best comebacks of the year. Perfect song, video and dance. 10/10



3 thoughts on “If You Do – GOT7

  1. I must mention that the abum is quite amazing too. Not as good as Just Right, but the songs are enjoyable. Good was personal favorite. Anyways, as an avid IGOT7 (I ordered the album and this would be my second GOT7 album, and I’m not the type to buy these lol), I’m really proud that they’re getting better with every song they get out. Such a great review and I love how you always such an objective and un-biased point of view. I love your blog so much tbh.

    PD: BamBam is my ultimate bias and I laughed for like 10 minutes after reading the car thing.


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