Mind Your Own Business – Ailee

The song is pretty good, but it really does not have that Ailee feel to it. Yes, it is powerful. Yes, it has Ailee’s vocals. But it lacks something to take it to the next level. It sounds like a typical song that really does not stand out. All of her previous songs have that unique sound that makes it stand out, but this, it is lacking something. That something, I have no idea. Her vocals are superb as always and she has never failed us there. I enjoy how catchy the song is. That part right after the first part of the chorus has me rocking me head along to the beat. The instrumental was great. Fast paced, catchy and saxophones are always sexy. Hahaha… I still don’t know what is lacking. There is something missing that brings it up to the level of the past Ailee’s hits that we know of. To me, personally, this is her weakest song. It is powerful but compared to the rest of her other songs, it isn’t anywhere near.

The music video has me going wow. First of all, I hate characters who expect everything to be done for them. Ailee, if you want to trash his car, I think it would mean a whole lot more and it would be much more satisfying to trash it yourself. You didn’t have to do all of it, just if I were in your shoes, I would have a hella great time taking a hammer and smashing the windscreen. And you need some tips on hiding. Or maybe driving away, cause after all you are sitting behind a wheel of a car. Another thing, where did this injury come from? Cause damn, everything in this music video has her on two feet. I remember reading somewhere that she injured herself during filming (not sure if it was music video filming or something else). I love the hint of comedy in the video. Ailee kicks to the door to get it open, but then it was a pull type of door not a push type of door. Oh, we all have those days Ailee, don’t you worry. But I thought this was a cool video. It matched the lyrics and the power that the song had.

We don’t see Ailee dance that much in this music video and we don’t see her dance at all during the live performances. Such a pity. While it does look awkward with her sitting on a chair, she manages to bring that style and power that she always manages to bring to the stage. I do enjoy the air punches and all that fighting combat. But the start where the girls are standing in a line and touching the side of the other girls but, with sharp movements. It just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the dance.

Overall, it was a nice comeback. But I still don’t know what they missing thing is. Maybe I am overlooking everything and she has everything in the song. 7/10


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