[DOUBLE REVIEW] Rhythm Ta & Airplane – iKON

iKON has offically made their debut with their “half album”. If you managed to miss out on their pre-release and my review of it, click here!!! Finally getting around to these reviews. Now that I have finished university for the year (yes, it is nearly December), I should have more time for reviews. Exams soon. But it shouldn’t effect the reviews. Hopefully.

Rhythm Ta is like a hip-hop dance infused track that sounds a whole heap catchier than their pre-release. But it faces the same problem as their pre-release. Not a great start to their careers though. While I think it is a good song, it really doesn’t do much as a debut song. It doesn’t represent the guys or show something new. It is something that is quite standard and ordinary. The bridge was a complete mismatch to the rest of the song. I don’t think the vocals in this song matched with the song and Bobby’s rap sounds over the top in terms of power and toughness. B.I suited a lot more in this song than any of the other members. But the chorus is catchy and I digged it more than My Type. As for Airplane,  I think it s a hip-hop infused ballad. It sounds nicer and I much prefer this than My Type. At first I thought it would a song that Winner would release, but there is much more of that hip hop and upbeat feel to it. The vocals here matched the song much more and everything matched itself. Unlike Rhythm Ta, this song is by far a much better song in terms of, well, everything.

The music video for both I don’t much to say. Both seem okay. Both of the videos matched the style and the sounding of the song. Rhythm Ta was a more badass type of video, a lot of focus was on the dance, while Airplane was more a ballad and fitting plot was in it. For Airplane, the dude is clearly in love with the girl, but his friend continues to cock block them and also I don’t think the girl realised his emotions for her. It was an ordinary plot, and their acting is pretty good. Something that got to me was the parts where the members sing in Airplane. It just looks cliche and boring to watch them. Sounds like a particular video from last year. In terms of video, I think Rhythm Ta had a more visually appealing video. The colours were bolder and much more stronger compared too Airplane.

As for the dance, there was really only a dance for Rhythm Ta. And it was pretty good. The live performance for Airplane was boring to watch. But then again, there was not much to it.

Mixed feelings about the whole package. Airplane had a much better song, but Rhythm Ta had a much better video and dance. I feel like the boys still have not brought their A game out yet. I am 100% sure they can take everything they released and make it more amazing.

Rhythm Ta – 7/10

Airplane – 8/10

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