A new KPOP girl group is in town. Under JYP Entertainment, this is a 9 nine member girl group that has been promised by the company for 2 years now. Twice is made up of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Daehyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. Only one of the members was born in 1995 and the rest of the members were born during November 1996 (my age) or after. Somewhat scary that they are now my age… The girls, with a number of others, featured in the competition survival show, SIXTEEN, where TWICE was formed. And the group itself is already making a name for themselves, with them being nominated already for first place on the charts.

This song is really catchy. It is a fun, bright and vibrant song that has me singing along and dancing in my seat everytime I hear it. It has a really cool pop sound to it, but some additions of a cute yet mature sound. While the title of the song has me kind of doubting the song when it first came out, I am glad I listened to it. I feel in love with it as soon as I heard it and it has been a song that I am constantly searching for on my phone and computer. The vocals are quite strong and their rapping is good. While they don’t stand out in those area (doesn’t really make me go wow), when the song comes together, it all works extremely well. Imagine a chocolate cake. You have the right ingredients, you make a good cake. Same here. Put a great song with a group that is able to carry the same feelings the song has, and it bound to work. Great job, girls.

For the music video, I actually liked it. I love the zombie theme it went for. But to see it being nominated as a scary video has my head shaking. I am just like, how? The zombies don’t eat anyone and they do nothing remotely the same like in the Walking Dead. It seems the girls ain’t afraid of some zombie apocalypse and they seem fine roaming around (and even going for that extra mile of dancing) with them. My favourite part is that “expectation and reality” part of the video where the ballerina is doing all those hard stretches and moves, but the girl in the cheerleader outfit not exactly getting the the “bar”. Please tell me you got that pun. I spent some time thinking of what to write. I love the zombies behind the fence and then they extend their arms sharply in the background at the start. That was pretty cool. The video was fun and enjoyable. Putting the girls into the a great light.

For the dance, I thought it was rather cool. The timing and all that was spot on in this video. Not 100% sure but they all seem to be in sync with each other. It was disappointing for me to hear that were not doing their debut stages live, but they managed to do a good job after their debut stage week.

Great song, video and dance. Remember that chocolate cake? These girls and their company have made a smashing recipe for a successful debut. 9/10


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