[DOUBLE REVIEW] I’m Fine + Piece – Dongwan (Shinhwa)

Kim Dong Wan is a member of Shinhwa and has made his solo comeback with two brand new songs. Interestingly he is due to make another comeback with a brand new mini album right after he wraps up promotions for these two songs, I’m Fine and Piece. Shinhwa has had a busy year with a group comeback at the start of the year and also JunJin making his solo debut just a few months ago.

I’m Fine is a really nice song. At first, I thought it would be a very bland and dry song, but a few listens into it made me think otherwise. I think an accurate way to describe it is to say it is a soulful song. There is so much soul. I love the guitar instrumental and also how relaxing the song is overall. To me, it seems like a cheerful song, but the lyrics seem to be quite sad (in a way). His vocals suits the song, and the chorus is pretty catchy and has a nice tune to it. I enjoyed how the song just launches itself straight into the chorus as soon as the It the song that has me swaying me head to the music and I like that about the song. Piece is like a ballad and a rock song that has been mashed up. There are parts in both. While I don’t think it is as catchy as I’m Fine, it is still catchy and has the nice ring to it. If I were to describe the song, this might be the rock version of I’m Fine. The rapping sits nicely in the song and the vocals in this song for me seem to show more of his vocal talent compared to I’m Fine. Overall, I like both songs, but I’m Fine seems to be my favourite.

The music videos of both are quite nice. I’m Fine was about dealing with a break up and it matches well with him lying about in his bathtub. It seems to be an artsy video somewhat with the staggering and random scenes of boxes being the odd one out in terms of position. I really like the very neutral colours. Everything regarding the video was thought out very nicely and matched with the song. As for Piece, well, I don’t like the tattoos. As I mentioned before, ballad and rock mash up, but the rock seems be shown more and it doesn’t really fit in well with the song. The large cage and the sets looks pretty nice (though I think I can list 10 other music videos using that old warehouse set). I thought the rain in the warehouse (even though there is a fixed roof on top of them) added a nice touch and added more sad emotions to the video.

Overall, this comeback was really nice and relaxing. Now we shall sit back, listen to his songs and wait for this impending comeback.

I’m Fine – 9/10

Piece – 8/10

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