Twenty Three – IU

While this comeback overall cannot be described as perfect for IU (refer to the tons of articles regarding her “scandal”), I think this is perfect. Her title track, titled as Twenty Three, talks about becoming a woman, well for IU’s case. I personally am confused regarding how this song sounds alike to Britney Spear’s song (or voice). I don’t really hear it. I feel like it is a very pop influenced song, but it has that catchy sound that IU songs tend to have. As for the lyrics, I find them somewhat different to what I expected. In her past, she is singing about shyness and all sorts of innocent things. However for this song, she sings “I want to be a moist women” and the reality of a lot of things such as “Oh right I want to be in love, No I rather make money”. Kind of different to the IU I used to know. It’s addictive and unique in a way in which I cannot describe it. There is something regarding the song that has IU written all over it and it cannot be replicated by another artist.

The music video has nice imagery, Matches the lyrics at some parts. I love the start. It made me chuckle. Kind of like me when I realize something bad is going to happen. LOL. Like finding out my grades. I love how there are innocent representations of her in the video, which she does hella well. But at the same time, she pulls of that mature look really well. Her wardrobe in this video looks really ordinary and I am disappointed about that. I love the Alice In Wonderland theme that they had subtly going on. Overall, I think I enjoyed the video.

Really disappointed that this is not promoted. Though it would not work in her favor at this very moment, this particular song deserve some sort of recognition.

Overall, amazing and perfect song and great video. 9/10

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