Lonely – N.Flying

My first impression for this song were not that great.But after a few listens to the song, I found it really addictive and pretty catchy. It is a rock themed ballad which I personally thought did not suit the season of Autumn (but that is just me). The start of the song (with the piano) sounds a lot like CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop. The other members started to sing. in this song, which was a surprise for me. I remember their previous song, only the main vocalist sang the entire song.  So when I heard different voices, I thought there was someone did not mention a featuring artist in the title and articles The song has me swaying along to it and I liked it. The slowness of the instrumental and the beat fits in really well with this song and the style they were going for. And the English seems to make sense for me. 

The music video was very boring. I like the idea of the transition to a new set (in a way) giving it a large scale stage performance kind of feel. Not a big fan of the sets. While they do have that “lonely” feeling to them, I just thought it was weird. I really did like that scene where they open the doors, but each door formed the 4 sides of a square. Quite interesting. But that rice field set just did not carry the same feeling. It would have been much better if they went out of their way to go there, like in FT Island’s Madly. Beside talking about the sets, there wasn’t much else to the video. There could have been a nice plot to the video, like what were they running away from?

The performances were them just playing on stage, but that main vocalist. While I think the emotions were necessary for this performance, I felt like his constant arm flailing (at least that is what I am calling it) and movement as if he was drunk really annoying and over the top. Maybe it is just me. I do agree it was required but he may have gone a little overboard.

Great song, not so great for everything else. 6/10

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