Demonstrate – Rania

Rania is back after 2 years and have brand new members. The group is now a 6 member girl group consisting of Di, T-ae, Xia and brand new members Alex, Seulji and Hyeme. Alex is an African American woman and has people talking since she is the first official African American to enter the KPOP industry as a girl group member. And it is great to see KPOP embrace different cultures and ethnicities.

As for the song, I am pretty  much disappointed. It is an okay song, but it does not reel me in and make me listen to it more and more. It is a song that I would expect that an American artist to release, which shows to me that they are keeping true to their roots since debut. But the song just isn’t my cup of tea. It feels disjointed and the parts don’t really go well with each other. The song sounds sassy and powerful, but the “demonstrate, demonstrate” sounds so freaking awkward in the song. Same goes for the “come on baby” and that high note towards the end. I feel like the power of the vocals matched the hip-hop influenced instrumental. The biggest stand out was the rapping. I felt that was the only part that actually suited the song, but it was so short.

There are two music videos, one without Alex and one with Alex. I believe there were some kind of visa issues at the time for the filming of the music videos, and the company quickly added her into the music video (hence the two). Well, Alex’s part in the music video did not match the rest of the video and that is quite disappointing. Though given the circumstances, I can’t really blame them. But the music videos had really bad camera work. They were meant to look cool, but it was more of a distraction for me. I am not really digging the bright costumes with many colours, but I think there girls are looking damn sexy in black. And beside that, there is really not much else to talk about.

As for the dance, is Alex a featuring member? She should have stayed on stage throughout the whole performance, not leave until her final part and joined in. To me, the dance was mainly made up of poses and squats. The poses made them look strong, but when they moved about, they lacked energy and that did not go well with the strong poses.

Overall, it was a disappointment. But I am still glad that they kept with their style and went for that American influenced concept. 2/10

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