Storm – MAP6

MAP6 is a brand new boy group from Dream Tea Entertainment, which also houses Girls Day. As per usual with KPOP bands, they don’t go by the number in their name and there is actually only 5 members: Minhyuk, J.Jun, Sign, Sun and J.Vin. A little fact about the group: the group actually consist of 4 former members of the disbanded group A-Prince. They are the first boy group for Dream Tea Entertainment, debuting with their single Storm.

This is a nice track, but it is a little underwhelming. The song has this really strong vibe to it, even though the start and throughout the song, it has the really slow piano sounds. But it gives an interesting side to the song. The vocals and rapping in this song are on point, and I believe this group has a lot of potential. But there seems to be a lot missing from the song. It sounds two dimensional for the most part. There are the slow bits (consisting of the verses and chorus – while they are quite upbeat, I felt like that still had that slowness to them which made the song underwhelming) and the “negae, negae”parts, essentially two parts of the song, but I personally feel like something else could have been added to the song to give it more depth. Maybe taking the dubstep or electronic sounds to a whole new intensity would give the song a more solid sound and can redefine the whole meaning behind the “strong sound” that I have been trying to describe to you.

There really isn’t much to the video. I liked the sets. That aftermath of a storm on the set looks really awesome and quite cool to be honest.There is one minor detail that I want to question, but that glass or plastic vase that contained the flower. Somehow it managed to survive whatever happened without dying or breaking. Funny. But yeah, there really isn’t much beside the talking about the sets or how they stare into the distant.

While the song it slow, I think this is pretty cool dance. I am going to say it is missing that extra bit of power or strength. But what we have compliments the song, but I am sure that their dance skills have yet to be shown. Their intro for their debut stages looked awesome, so I can see that there is more to them, then what we see with Storm. I like the part where they lie down. It looks cool, even though it is rather simple.

Overall, it was a good comeback, but if the guys do a little more to enhance their talent and show the world more of what they got, I am sure they are able to make it. 6/10


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