Apology – iKON

iKON is back with two digital singles. Apology (this review) and Anthem (the other review released later today) form part of their debut album, which to date, only half of it has been revealed. The other half is said to come out next month, forming a full album. This particular song features the entire group, while the other song only features Bobby and B.I as the artist. But let’s review Apology right now.

It is a hip hop infused ballad where the song is quite upbeat. The lyrics are not that upbeat though. This upbeat sound that they have gives the song that more rhythmic side of the song, which in turn makes the song more catchy to listen to. The “mian, mian” that we hear in the chorus is repetitively stuck in my mind. The vocals and rapping in this song is top notch. The vocals are very dominated and I just really love that about the song. Sometimes the vocals are covered up with the instrumentals, but there is a really nice balance in this song.  I just love their songs when it comes to these ballad types. To me, it suits them a lot. BUT I personally find the song a little dull. Not too much to deter me away from the song, but I feel like if a little more something was added to the song, I believe it would take the song to a whole new level. But what we have here is satisfying in my point of view already and to the many perspective of other fans.

As for the music video, a lot of tears and a lot of hearts were probably broken in the making and watching of this video. It is a pretty simple video when you think about. Just seeing couples fight and everyone getting angry. Their acting is pretty good (compared to other videos that I have made acting centred comments about). The black and white filter on the video gives it that really rustic feel and makes me zone into the emotions in which the group and the actresses are pouring out onto the screen for us to watch. But beside that, there really is not much else to say.

To hear that there is a dance to this song is really disappointing. This is the type of song where I expected no dance.  So I am just watching the dance practice to this with an unimpressed face on and nothing changed it.

Overall, an amazing song (compared to their first round of promotions), the music video was great, but the dance… yeah… 7/10


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