Nail – The Legend

The Legend is back and they are back to wow us with another amazing song. I am going to be honest, but when I first heard the song, it was quite underwhelming and didn’t seem like it was up to par like in their previous song, Shadow. But after listening to the song a few times and much more closely, I feel like the song is really well done and very classy. To me still, this isn’t better than Shadow, but this still pretty good. The song is like a slow RnB track with that fast dance element to it. The vocals were on point (the use of high pitch in this song, if some of us were to sing it, would end our voices for days). The rapping and vocal work blend very well into the instrumental, especially the combo that formed the bridge of the song. That high note at the end was executed really well as well. Overall, all I can do is praise the song.

The video was boring. It really did not appeal to me. Some black and white videos work but others don’t really work at all. It adds that really typical RnB video feel to it, as we get in some American videos back in the day. The nail biting in this video really threw me off. Yeah, one of my pet peeves is when people bite their nails. But that is another story. Honestly, beside that there really is nothing else to talk about.

The dance isn’t that great this time around. It matches the beat of the music, but it is boring to watch when it is performed on stage. It is pretty standard and really does not have me amazed by it.

Overall, song is great. Music video and dance isn’t so much. 5/10


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