Confession Song – GOT7

You know is going to be Christmas very soon when stores blare Christmas songs (Did someone just say Mariah Carey?) or Christmas carols as soon as you enter them, turkey and whole chicken takes up a single aisle in your supermarket, the only thing that seems to be on sale are Christmas decorations and soft bells sounds, such as the sound we assume Santa makes when he is riding his sleigh across the world, start to take over the instrumental in songs. Yeah, GOT7’s song came out a month early. It is a nice song, that is really cute and has a nice message. Though, the title is very ummm.. creative. I really can’t say much about the song. It is refreshing and fits in with the certain time of the year (and here I am sweating down here in Australia). Vocals were okay and so was the rapping. Overall, nice song for the holiday season.

The video was cute. It reminds me of Lee Seung Chul’s My Love video. It fits in with the cute sound of the song. I just be a little concerned if two reindeers came in and decided to kidnap a few students. I also want to point out two different scenes in the video, which involves the members. The collision between JB and Jackson at 3:08 in the video looks hella painful. And Jackson’s not so cute facial expression at 4:30 in the video. Yeah, beside that, really cannot mention much about the video. Hopefully those couples stay as couples.

I am literally questioning why I decided to review this song. Song is a great start to the Holiday Season (preparing for the army of Christmas songs that will be released by KPOP and non KPOP singers in the next few weeks) and the video is cute as well. 7/10


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