Sour Grapes – San E & Mad Clown

San E probably has one of his biggest years this year. Sure, he has been a very big icon in the hip hop industry in South Korea for some time and each song of his continues to be big hits. But this has to be one of his best songs ever. This time around he collaborated with Mad Clown to make one of the catchiest K-Hip Hop songs ever. The rhythm and melody of the song just gives you the head bopping feels and just makes you want to sway around. The lyrics are quite funny. While some of them are the cringe worthy kind, I feel like how they incorporated the words (both English and Korean) into the rap, but gave them different meaning is really cool. Of course the rapping is amazing (per usual). Not exactly sure of the originals of the “Sour Grape” title, but I assume it is like a saying in South Korea. Honestly, for the first time ever, I think I can say that I am legit into a K-Hip Hop song.

The music video was good. And only good. Watching it the first time was fun, but the second and thrid time had me yawning. There is one part in the video which I liked the most and it was the Drake dance parody. Was made into a meme and has now reached the KPOP shores. Hahaha… The video took the lyrics and showed them literally, which was pretty nice. Honestly did not think Mad Clown had this fun side to him. His own songs were always so serious and never fun or playful. It puts him into a new light for me. I personally don’t get why it is rated 19+ but then again, South Korean innuendo is completely different to the innuendo that I am used to in Australia. The video alone is pretty bright and colourful. Which surprises me, since there are so many different bright and colourful centred colours during the season of Fall over there. Did South Korea suddenly move down to the Southern Hemisphere? For some reason, I like the circle (aka when the girl looks into the telescope) and how it focuses on a certain part of the video. Yeah, I am that simple. But honestly, it gives off that pervy feel and actually compliments the video’s rating. Which then means that the title has something sexual going on. Hahaha…

Yeah, the language barrier was probably the biggest turn off for this collaboration. But nonetheless, for what I can hear, I think it is great. For what I see, I think it is all right. 7/10


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