Hero – Monsta X

While this is not a song that I would normally review, as there is no music video, I am still going to do it today. Monsta X has returned with a repackaged version of their second mini album. I am reviewing the broadcast version of the song Hero. This , by far, is their best song to date. It’s catchy hip hop vibe and dance sound really gives the song that appeal that I tend to talk about. While each song has a different form of appeal to it, this one ticks all the right boxes. The start of the song sounds like some kind of Vixx themed introduction (I hope I did not start anything), and while I associate the sound with Vixx, I think Monsta X did a pretty good job. The song is addictive and catchy. The dubstep “whoops” gave the song that really tough and powerful sound, but the random Mario  sounds really felt mismatched when I first heard the song. Now, the sound somewhat feels like it belongs to the song.  The vocals and rapping is pretty much on point. The chorus highlighted the group’s unique sound and talents. Their first two songs were not that great, but this was a song that showed a more powerful and talented side of the guys to me.

The music video that is only available is actually them dancing on a rooftop. And that video, isn’t the correct video for the broadcast version. So I am skipping the music video part of the review and going straight onto the dance. It is a pretty cool dance that brings out a more masculine side. They were in sync and their movements were pretty sharp. Not exactly keen on the dance for the chorus, but it matches the style the guys were going for.

Short review today. Was meant to come out yesterday, but was extremely busy to finish it off. 8.5/10


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