Run Away – Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates have finally returned after over a year’s break. And boy did they make this return a hella smashing one. This song is super duper amazing. Can I just say, that the instrumental break for this song is my favourite part of the song. The song was quite upbeat and fast already, but that instrumental break just took it to a whole new level. It is a mix of a rock genre and the electronic genre, and this mix goes hand in hand. The vocals are amazing but I do have one small complaint. Royal Pirates put out really nice song that are catchy (the word to describe the chorus) and appeal to me right away. The English in this song fits in with the Korean with the song. I just feel that the vocals could be a little louder. The instrumental is overpowering and I can’t make the vocals for some part for most of it. The other complaint is I personally feel the song is a little too quick. It sounds like the song was sung mostly in the first minute and 30 seconds. The guitar and drums in the sound brings the song back to the rock ages, but the electronic sound makes the song a lot more modern and I personally like that about the song. Great song.

As for the music video, I am totally fine with the seeing the band just rock out to the song. The bright scenes where the members in the sun, seem to show that they are currently running away or something. But they only made up like 20% of the video and could have been taken out. I see no one talking about those scenes, because everyone is in awe with the the dark band scenes. James hitting the metal shield with the guitar seemed a little funny to me. I blame it on the slo-mo. Beside making it look like he was hitting the shield super hard, it seemed like he only allowed the guitar and shield bump each other. And blindfold drummer boy. He is just showing off. Not exactly sure why there was a snow storm towards the end of the video, but it gave the song that fast element, as if they were running. I love the small screen they had to cover their mouths. That looked pretty cool. Honestly, beside the small snippets of light, I think the video was quite nice to watch. The darkness complimented the song’s emotions. And the rock theme travelled through the music video, with the head banging and seriousness the guys had on their faces (from what we could see).

Overall, totally digging this comeback. 9/10

3 thoughts on “Run Away – Royal Pirates

  1. This MV is actually very meaningful, it shows each member’s individual struggles. The flower Exsy (the drummer) is holding represents his mum, who apparently had a long-term illness and the petals flying away signifies her drifting away from him as she got older but he doesn’t want to lose her. But I think she recovered so that’s why the flower is whole again at the end. Moon (the guitarist) is holding pictures of him and his late older brother, who used to be their bassist before James replaced him, thus the white rose on the bass guitar. James smashing his bass guitar signifies his fear of not being able to play the bass again due to an accident that severely injured his wrist (that’s why he’s on the synthesizer now).


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