Feels So Good – HALO

[NOTE: As there is no music video to the following song, I decided to use their last comeback as the featured image]

Not exactly a normal review today. I know I don’t review many songs without a music video, but I am going to make a few exceptions for a few more reviews to finish up 2015. The first of which is Halo’s new song. Halo is a new band that made their debut last year with Fever. They made numerous comebacks since with Come On Now, Surprise and While You’re Sleeping. The group is made up of 6 members: Dino, In Haeng, Ooon, Jae Yong, Hee Cheon and Yoon Dong. I was planning on reviewing their debut song, but cancelled the review because of time constraints.

This song is surprisingly good. Their debut song was really good, but their comebacks lately had been lacking quite a bit. This was something that the band needed, but it did sound quite ordinary. While their songs are dance centred and have a more modern electronic feel, this one has more of a retro feel to it (like While You’re Sleeping) and involves a strong disco feel to the video. Some of the vocals had been auto-tuned to fit the song, and I guess I like it. The rapping did not match the song at all and really felt like it was just placed over the instrument. I wouldn’t call the song catchy but the chorus manages to work its magic. As I said in a review recently, any song with the “du du du” sound manage to become catchy and I think that was the hook in my point of the view in the song. Beside all of that, it is a solid song that really caught my attention. It felt so ordinary that it was screaming at me to look at a band that I had planned on paying attention to.

Yeah, their previous dances were much better than this. Their last few had been more suited for more dance centred songs, but this suited the ordinary feel of the song and is that side of KPOP boy bands that somehow must go through. And I referring to the fact that this comeback once again is a boy group doing a cute concept.

This is an example of a good song in my point of view. I like it, but yeah, I see it as a pretty standard song. 6.5/10


4 thoughts on “Feels So Good – HALO

  1. I agree with you on this one. There is a lot of good guy groups nowadays so the song has to be something like really special to standout from all the sunbaes that came before them. The song melody wise was okay at the beginning and really only caught me at du du du du. You rarely see it anymore so it was like a throwback. Great insight into the song though. 😀

    I am also a K-POP reviewer who just started so it was nice to see other reviewer’s views on songs. The link for my blog is https://hallyudonsaeng.wordpress.com. Great work 🙂


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