Rewind: December 2015

I feel like I have done too many of theses for December. Hahahaha… To avoid repeating the end of year charts, here is my pick for the top 10 songs that were released in December. Unfortunately, I left out a number of songs in the November rewind post, and I have forgotten where I put my list when I made it last month. (Might have thrown it out with the rest of the recycling). So I have left it at 10 songs, instead of the 20 which I originally intended. Here is my pick for the top 10 songs of December 2015.

1. Run – BTS

2. Napal Balji – Psy

3. Run Away – Royal Pirates

4. Sing For You – EXO

5. Daddy – Psy

6. Softly – Starship Planet

7. For You – Lovelyz

8. It’s Christmas – B1A4

9. 12:25 (Wish List) – F(x)

10. Dear Santa – SNSD TTS


At the start of the month, I asked you which Psy song did you guys prefer. The choices where either Napal Balji or Daddy. You guys chose Napal Balji with 60% of the votes, the other 40% of the votes going to Daddy.

That is my final rewind for 2015. Stayed tuned for the 1st rewind for 2016. I think I am going to revamp this rewind segment (again) to make it more like a throwback to the month that just passed. Any ideas? Comment below! In the mean time, check out these reviews.

For You – Lovelyz

Crazy Dog – Yezi (Fiestar) ft. San E

BOBs Awards 2015 Part 1

BOBs Awards 2015 Part 2

End Of Year Chart 2015

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