Again – Turbo

Big name groups which started off the KPOP genre back in the 90s have been making their comeback by reuniting and performing for big milestones. Turbo is the latest group to make their return. Originally a duo, Turbo went line up changes during the time they were active between 1995 – 2000. For their reunion (and possibly future releases), they returned as a trio with all three members (Kim Jong Kook, Mikey and Kim Jung Nam). And yes, Kim Jong Kook is the same as Sparta or the Commander from Running Man. Again and their latest album was released in celebration of their 20th year.

Again is a pretty good song. When I listen to it, it gives off that feel of the 1990s but also has that modern flare to it. I honestly do think this is a song that can be released back in the day, but can still also be rocked to these days. The rapping by Mikey and Kim Jung Nam was pretty much solid. Kim Jong Kook vocals fit in well with the song and matches the electronic style. But I am not exactly fond of it in this song. A little too high pitch for me. the song flows pretty well and I love the short break between the choruses at the end. Beside that I don’t have much to say about the song. I think the “whop whop whop” sounds are pretty addictive.

The music video is definitely better than the videos back in the day. But that is just common sense. Look at the advances in technology. My only complaint is that everything looks confined in the video and there was not much room, but yet they manage to fit everyone in. But honestly, the video shows a great contrast on how KPOP has grown from being low-budget to what it is today where budgets are higher and a lot more of investment is poured into the production of songs, albums and promotions. Everything else in the video looked fine. Maybe some people are right and that Turbo collaborated with a Chinese company to shoot their video, because the credit scenes are exact replicas of the credit scenes in every Chinese movie. Lee Kwang Soo and Cha Tae Hyun made funny cameos as well at the end. The song was also sung in Chinese at the end of the video as well.

The dance is okay. They dance is done mostly by the back up dancers and not as much by the actual performers. I guess their aging and not every one of a higher age can bend their back and do crazy dance moves. I feel like I am just pointing out and making fun of old people in this review. I do apologise if you are taking it that way. I don’t intend to complain or talk down on older people. But the b-boying or popping in the video looks cool (but I don’t know who does it).

Overall, a nice comeback and great way to throw back to the 90s but at the same time make the release fit in with songs nowadays. And is doing well on the charts, hitting the top and gaining all kills. 6.5/10



7 thoughts on “Again – Turbo

  1. I’ve never listened to any solo activities of Jong Kook but i like his voice. But i think his solo parts in the song would have been better if the music wasn’t so prominent. The music drowned out his voice made it more background rather then the main focus. But in my opinion its weird hearing that kind out of the rough and tough Jong Kook.


      1. I just got to know them in last early January. Hehe… ^_^ But I got hooked by them immed after watch AGAIN and then just love them alot more after keep craving on their old videos. They was really daebak and still daebak now. Maybe its just because 90’s music is my taste.
        Originally, the real dancers in Turbo are Kim Jung Nam and Kim Jong Kook ( he was really great dancer) and Mikey has said it that he cant dance like Jung Nam even he dislike dance, he is more in to hip hop than pop, he is pure rapper. And Kim Jong Kook is not allowed to dance like before anymore by his doctor due to his back disc problem, its will shorten his life if he keep dancing and he want to has long life thats why now he focus on singing than dancing. Thats why now we see its mostly Jung Nam who keep dancing well although not as crazy as before (he is 43 yo now if I am not wrong). But their live performance still fun to watch. If you maybe still not watch their concert this year, here is the link (its just half of concert been added tho)–AGAIN

        PS. Another 1st Kpop also made came back. Its Sechs Kies. You should watch their live performance in YHY Sketch Book last June. They are as good as Big Bang! 😀 They are also singed with YG and heard they will launch their new album soon. Also they will concert this Sept. I fell in love with them too now LOL

        Sorry for long spam ^^


      2. This is not spam, this is pure information! Don’t worry about it. I have learnt a lot about Turbo by reading your comment. I am surprised about Kim Jong Kook’s back disc problem. He is extremely fit and takes care of himself so much. I haven’t watched Turbo’s concert or Seches Kies’ performance on YHY yet. I will watch them when I find time. I did hear they reunited under YG Entertainment and have been preparing for a concert, but haven’t actually heard any album plans. Now that I have, I will keep a look out for the band when they do release a new song/album. Thank you for your comment!!


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