You Call It Romance – K.Will ft. Davichi

One of the top RnB artists of the Korean Pop industry has finally collaborated with the queen duo of Korean Pop ballads.

This is a much better song that what he released last year. To me, this song goes back in time to the Last Blossom days where his songs were a lot more bright and cheerful. So, I found this song very cheerful and bright. The instrument reminds me of that as well. I prefer K.Will’s vocals that way since it sounds a lot better. Davichi’s vocals in this song were pretty good as well, just I sense some autotune was put on top of their vocals. That disappoints me quite a bit, well, since Davichi has a really nice vocals and it is a shame that they are not really recognised for those vocals in this song. The chorus of the songs sounds quite catchy and does have a nice ring to it. The times where they sing “니가 하면 로맨스” throughout of the song was pretty nice but it sounded a little awkward. However, I think if the producers of the song did not place that auto tune on the girls’ vocals, then I would have been more happier. 

The music video is a little confusing. It seems like the lead actress is two timing the young guy, who (from what I read from the comments on YouTube) is Hyungwon from Monsta X and the more older looking dude who happens to be a co worker. She is obviously in a dilemma in the video, unsure of who to choose. I assume she was the choice between the “sweet” younger dude or the “warmer” mature dude. Notice how when she returns from the date with the younger guy, her house is full of treats and candy, while when she returns after a coffee date with the older guy, her house is a lot more warmer and Autumn like. In the end, she chose the mature looking dude over the younger dude, which was illustrated by the boxing match between the two guys on her TV, which was apparently very scary. Hahaha no. I find that particular scene extremely cringe worthy. Never liked it how girls from k-dramas act like that to be honest. Towards the end, I am glad she chose the mature dude because the young dude, well, was still in school. And it turns out that he had liked another person instead, which makes the lead actress happy, because she knows she is not making him unhappy. Honestly, a great video with a very cringe worthy way of presenting a scene in the video.

When you put these two videos together, you get a pretty much good release. 8/10

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