End Of Year “Music Festivals” – Favourite Performances

2015 recently came to an end just a few weeks ago and per usual, the “end of year” music festivals were held over the final days of the new year. These festivals are held by the three major broadcasting companies in South Korea. These festivals bring the biggest artists of the year back onto the stage and form a massive festival which allows the broadcasting companies to end in style. This post allows me the author to list my favourite performances from each festival. I also plan to do one for the award ceremonies and also recap the winners of those ceremonies for you. I have linked all the performance down below after each comment regarding the performance.

SBS was the first company to hold their Gayo Daejun on the 27th of December. They had such an amazing and diverse lineup, that they were applaud for it. Artists that featured on the show included: Twice, iKON, Mamamoo, BTS, GFriend, Seventeen, VIXX, 2PM, GOT7, B1A4, EXID, SHINEE, Monsta X, EXO, AOA, CN BLUE, Wonder Girls, Infinite, 4Minute, A-Pink, BTOB, Red Velvet, SNSD, B.A.P, Ailee, Lovelyz. IU, T-ara, SNSD.

The stages looked really cool and while the camera work at the SBS festival could always use some work, I thought majority of the stages were satisfying to watch. One thing I have to mention is GFriend’s stage. Out of all the stages on the night, this one looked the most edited and it feels like they were robbed of time of the stage. Talking about being robbed of time, Seventeen had the shortest performance of the whole night and it amazes me how they managed to fit everyone in their short 2:16 minute long performance. Other performances that I liked from the night:

  • Twice’s cheerleading/ school band remix. I honestly really liked the performance and thought they did a good job changing up the song. (CLICK FOR TWICE’s PERFORMANCE)
  • Exid’s Hot Pink remix gave off a really cool and landback concept. Really enjoyed the hip hop vibe and every time LE raps is just bliss. Though, Hani being off stage Hani at the start when the stage scared her for a second. (CLICK FOR EXID’s PERFORMANCE)
  • Mamamoo’s mash up with Um Oh Ah Yeah and Uptown Funk was belong cool. Did not expect this mash up but I did totally expecting a cool performance and that is what we got. (CLICK FOR MAMAMOO’s PERFORMANCE)
  • IU performed her 23 song for the first time live and like all performances by IU, she managed to rock the stage. I thought she would have some trouble getting the crowd to cheer with her, but I guess she still has a mass following regardless of what happens to her. (CLICK FOR IU’s PERFORMANCE)
  • VIXX’s stage was incredibly … well… hot. That is coming from me as a guy. Their dance break for Chained Up was on point and Ravi going shirtless, well, made a whole heap of girls squirm and scream. (CLICK FOR VIXX’s PERFORMANCE)
  • Wonder Girls had a great performance, but that drum solo at the end. Hmmm… Please, I don’t want to see it no more. (CLICK FOR WONDER GIRLS’ PERFORMANCE)

The next festival was KBS’s Gayo DaeChukJe which was held on the 30th of December. The stage was spectacular and I can ensure you that I will be going on about how grand and fantastic that stage was. KBS Gayo is a lot harder to be invited to, but the following managed to get an invite to perform: Mamamoo, GFriend, BTS, GOT7, EXID, Infinite, SHINEE, VIXX, Ailee, Red Velvet, EXO, AOA, BTOB, A-Pink, CN BLUE, Noel, Dynamic Duo, Zion.T, Crush, SNSD and the regulars of the show Immortal Song 2. Furthermore, many collaborations between idols occurred on the night. Solo artists were also a big feature of the night with Taeyeon (SNSD), Jonghyun (SHINee) and Yonghwa (CN Blue) performing their respective solo songs.

Out of the performances, here are the few that I liked:

  • EXID’S really cool medley of their releases this year plus Up and Down. The sexy dance intro by Hani was really cool and I am glad they chose to perform Ah Yeah as their main song since I have been hearing so much Hot Pink. Hot pink is still a good song. The use of the stage was amazing. The camera work and use of the spider cam in this performance was probably the best of all. (CLICK HERE FOR EXID’s PERFORMANCE)
  • BTS’s medley was also good. Butterfly, Dope and Run formed a really cool medley. Dope’s Jazz remix was perfection waiting to happen. Pity Rap Monster was injured, even the butterfly formation was incomplete without him. (CLICK HERE FOR BTS’ PERFORMANCE)
  • SNSD’s winter arrangement of their song Party gave off this really warm feeling which I really liked. Marshmallow, Hot Choco, Cappuccino. Once again, the stage looked really awesome with the girls on it. (CLICK HERE FOR SNSD’s PERFORMANCE)
  • GFRIEND’s performance was really good as well. I have loved each and everyone of their stages at the end of the year where they combined both Glass Beads and Me Gustas Tu together. Their small yet satisfying dance part for each performance have all been different and it just showcases their talent and abilities. (CLICK HERE FOR GFRIEND’s PERFORMANCE)

Lastly, MBC held their Gayo Dae Je Jun on the 31st of December and hence being the last final time fans could see their favourite idols before the year ends. As per usual, the festival went through new years and fans got to celebrate (with their idols and biases) the new year. The lineup for the 2015 MBC Gayo Daejun included: Oh My Girls, UP10TION, GFriend, Seventeen, Monsta X, Sonamoo, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, BTOB, B.A.P, VIXX, BTS, GOT7, EXID, B1A4, Teen Top, Dynamic Duo, Zion.T, Crush, APINK, AOA, Ailee, EXO, Infinite, 2PM, SHINee, 4Minute, CN Blue, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Hong Jin Young, Tae Jin Ah, Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young & Park Jin Young.

Out the variety of performances on the night, I favoured:

  • I am going to put down Seventeen’s Mansae remix. It was remixed into a rock track, which sounded really cool (but it sounded a little awkward at times). Overall, it was a great performance and I thought the guys did the performance really well. (CLICK FOR SEVENTEEN’s PERFORMANCE)
  • Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake was shortened, making way for a really cool dance break at the end which really showed for their talent and how in sync they were with each other. The stylist also somehow broke into SM’s basement and grabbed the fluffy white jackets with the glowing lights in it. (CLICK FOR RED VELVET’s PERFORMANCE)
  • GOT7’s sexy If You Do on this stage, well, was very sexy. The members did a great job at the performance as well, nailing it completely. Body waves galore and if you were lucky, maybe some abs through the mesh fabric some of the guys were wearing. (CLICK FOR GOT7’s PERFORMANCE)
  • EXO’s Remix of Love Me Right was a little awkward at first to my ears, but it grew on me and I thought the extra instruments to the song made it sound a lot funkier than it originally was. I always expected SM artists to have a really boring dance intro or break, so this caught me off guard. (CLICK FOR EXO’s PERFORMANCE)
  • Mamamoo’s Single Lady mash up with Um Oh Ah Yeah must also be mentioned. I had a feeling this mash up was going to come up once in a while, after I heard them sing Beyonce’s song so flawlessly. (CLICK FOR MAMAMOO’s PERFORMANCE)



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