Crush On You – The Legend

The Legend has returned onto the stage… as well… I really need to find new creative ways to start off my review. They popped onto our radars last year with the release of Shadow. They made their comeback with Nail, which failed to capture my attention. And now they are back and kicking the year off with Crush On You.

This is a completely different style of song than anyone probably expected. Their last few songs have been very serious and mysterious. Quite a dark aura was associated with their name. But then this song pops along and shows a completely different side to the band. First of all, the song is quite upbeat and very “bright” in terms of the sound. This song has that very vibrant feel to it and it pretty much addictive to my ears. The vocals in the song were pretty good and the rap (minus the bridge) was made to fit in with the song. The chorus (with its upbeat sound and the high pitch vocals) reminds me of Maroon 5’s Sugar. And it is pretty awesome, might I add. That bridge though. Completely changed the song up and it felt pretty much out of place. Really disappointed with that part of the song. It made me go “huh”? when I first heard it. This would totally be an awesome song if it was not for the bridge. Song was downgraded in my point of view, but it is still a great song to listen to.

The music video featured Kyungri from Nine Muses. And while I do find her pretty and I think she has a nice body, that was not that well featured in this video. I think it was because of the filter that was applied to the video during editing. But that filter did make it feel like the late 90s. Furthermore, the setting, which I think was pretty good and well designed. It was the American high school setting that we often saw in many different tv shows and movies. I don’t know why I am saying this, but I am always shocked to see an empty swimming pool. I understand that they clean it or evacuate the water in case of an emergency (was done once before at my local pools), but it is so weird to see pools empty. Anyway, no complaints until the turtle neck came in. Why is Drake’s turtle neck clothing so in season at the moment? It made me cringe when I first saw it. Urgghh…

The dance was honestly quite cool. I matched the style of the song and I liked it a lot. It feels like a party on stage every time I see the performance.

Overall, their were some very small and minor things about the song and the video, but overall, it was a great comeback and a lot better than Nail, which I am still disappointed in. 7.5/10


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