Recap of Gaon Chart KPOP Awards 2015 + Thoughts

The final award ceremony in this very busy season. The 5th Gaon Chart KPOP Awards was held on the 17th of Feburary of this year, to celebrate achievements of artists in 2015 on the widely known KPOP chart. For those who don’t know, the Gaon Chart is one of the important charts and well publicised chart in South Korea, which is known for calculating weekly and monthly rankings for songs, albums, karaoke, social media and many other categories. The award ceremony is based on performance of each artist, along with recorded values from the year 2015 and also popularity voting.

This year, the award show was hosted by Leeteuk (Super Junior) and Yura (Girl’s Day). Artists who attended the show included: Big Bang, EXO, Mad Clown, GFriend, VIXX, BTS, Red Velvet, Seventeen, iKON, Taeyeon (SNSD), Zico (Block B), Mino (Winner), Kang Seung Yoon (Winner), Baek Ah Yeon, B.A.P, AOA Cream, Zion.T, Lee Ae Ran, So Chan Whee and Hyukoh. Psy and Miss A (Min and Fei only) attended the award show to accept awards, but did not perform.

To recap the awards, it was a very long list and also had a hard time of trying to work out how to present it. I split it into 3 parts to make it easy for me to type it out and for you to read it all.

Artist Of The Year (Song)
January – Mad Clown
February – Naul
March – MC Mong
April – Miss A
May – Big Bang
June – Big Bang
July – Big Bang
August – Big Bang
September – iKON
October – Taeyeon (SNSD)
November – Zico
December – Psy

Artist Of The Year (Album)
1st Quarter – EXO
2nd Quarter – EXO
3rd Quarter – Super Junior
4th Quarter – EXO

New Artist Of The Year – iKON, GFriend
Discovery Of The Year (World Rookie) – Seventeen, AOA
Discovery Of The Year (Hot Trend) – Baek Ah Yeon, B.A.P
Long Run Song Of The Year – Naul’s “You in The Same Time”
Popular Singer Of The Year – So Chan Whee (Tears)
International Song Of The Year – Adele’s Hello
Hot Performance Of The Year – Red Velvet, VIXX
Best Hip Hop – Mino (Winner)
Best Indie – Hyukoh
Best Trot – Lee Ae Ran
Best R&B – Zion.T
Mobile Popularity Vote Award – EXO
Weibo Kpop Star Award – Sehun (EXO)
KPOP World Hallyu Star Special Award – BTS
Most Influential Group of Asia – Big Bang
Composer Of The Year – Black Eyed Pilseung
Lyricist Of The Year – Kim Eana
Best Back Up Vocal – Lee Tae Yoon
Best Instrumental – Kang Sung Ho
Best Cheographer – Yama & Hot Chicks
Best Stylist – Ji Eun
Producer Of The Year – Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment)

Not technically sure how I can judge this, since most of the awards are based on the values of purchases or downloads. I find it odd how AOA got the World Rookie award. Not that I am really complaining, but they have been in the industry for around 4 years now, so a rookie award for them seems a little weird. And B.A.P for Hot Trend seems a little far fetched. Last time I checked, they were not a trend last year nor did their comeback achieve such an award in my eyes. Big Bang took out the most awards this year with 4 Artist of the Year Months awards and Most Influential Group of Asia . EXO followed closely behind with 4 awards, 3 of which were Artist Of the Year Album Awards and the Mobile Populairty Award. I don’t consider Sehun’s award to be EXO’s award, but if I did count it, Big Bang and EXO would have been even. Congrats to Big Bang, EXO and all other award recipients.

Talking about Big Bang, apparently, they only appeared at their table when it was their award or when they were performing. That is what I am reading online. Now I was not there, so I cannot really judge them, but if that was the case: Taeyang should never have said anything because now he sounds like a hypocrite. Think back to Taeyang at the MAMA awards, in which he was said he was disappointed in nearly everyone leaving just before Big Bang’s Artist of The Year award. They left because of schedules and how MAMA was poorly planned. I haven’t seen nor can I think of any other reason to why Big Bang would not have sat at their table like all other bands. I personally don’t care if he is royalty or a hard to approach sunbae,  it is just out of respect that you support other people’s stage. While I cannot confirm if this actually occurred, it just makes Big Bang look like they did not give a damn about anyone else but themselves. Hopefully, they were out and about during the show and that people are just picking up on how they disappeared behind the stage just for an excessive amount of times. After all, if you are successful, people will attack you for the littlest of things.

Performance wise, probably the crappiest stage to date. Maybe because I have been recapping these performances, but none of them seems to bring anything new or different to the table. Really disappointed that AOA did not perform as a whole group. Not a big fan of them, but they got an award as a whole, so I really wanted to see them perform. Really suprised about Lee Ae Ran’s and So Chan Whee’s stages. I thought they would not get any attention (since everyone just want to see their bias or bias’ band), but they managed to prove me wrong and bring everyone together. I personally loved So Chan Whee’s stage. So many supported Lee Ae Ran’s speech, which surprised me but also put a smile on my face.

And that is it. All of the big awards ceremonies have been recapped. How did you like this small segment? Did you like it or was it a waste of time? Please leave comments below. This one was a long one, to be honest, but we got there.


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