Hide & Seek – ASTRO

One of the newest groups is in town and Fantiago Entertainment is bringing you a brand new boy group. Astro is a 6 member boy group, that recently debuted with their first mini album, Spring Up and their title track, Hide and Seek. The group is made up of MJ, Jin Jin, Cha Eun Bin, Moon Bin, Rocky and Yoon San Ha. Let me give you a perspective on their age. Beside MJ and Jin Jin, I am older than the other four members. Damn, they are growing up fast.

It is an okay song. There really is not much to differentiate the song from other KPOP songs. It’s your typical bright boy group song that we tend to get from smaller companies. Not as bad as cutesy boy, but like most boy groups who tend to start off with a bright song (for some reason). Not really impressed. There was nothing that wowed me. I mean, they seem to have everything down solid, from vocals to rapping. The song itself sounds like something we would have gotten from 2011-12 in KPOP and those songs themselves sounded ordinary then. I guess one way to describe the song is: it’s flat. There were really nothing that brought the song to an amazing level but nothing that made it a bad song. A just okay song. It’s upbeat and somewhat catchy, which I guess is a plus. There is one thing that I can say about the song that really does set it apart from others and that is it made me smile. It has this bright and happy feel to it, which I like. Was I impressed? No, not really, but I wasn’t repelled away with how boring the song was. I found it easy to listen to, I guess.

The music video has this really interesting concept (and it was great). It is like the guys and the girl were in two different universes, and the only way they could see each other was through a mirror that was oddly placed in weird places, such as how did the mirror appear in the alley way at night? Anyway, they have this odd connection and I guess they could follow each other around. In the end, the girls wakes up and finds out that these boys were Astro. The girl painted on the guy’s back, which was kind of weird in my opinion. Like the song, the video also puts a smile on my face. To see the guys and the girl both happy made me smile. She was super cute, and the guys don’t look like they were forced into being fake happy boys. Their smile carried over to my face whenever I watched the video.

The dance, its fun, but not impressive. Don’t have anything to say.

I am going to go straight to the score, since I just be repeating what I said above 5 times already. 5.5/10

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